Yuna is singing the Rio Olympics Promo Campaign Song

Yuna, A Malaysian Muslim singer, took the chance to grow her career in the USA and now resides in Los Angeles. Once again, she surprises the industry and the world with another achievement, singing the soundtrack for the Olympic 2016, Rio global promo campaign, as she announced on her Facebook page.

The song, The Fire was produced by musician Questlove and was re-recorded featuring the voice of great musicians worldwide: Lenny Kravitz, Corrine Bailey Rae, Nneka, Diago Nogueira, and Yuna herself. The song will be featured in a few films that discuss the core values of the Olympics and it will be a part of the Olympics 2016, Rio worldwide campaign.

Yuna, who’s a protégé of Pharrell William (singer, producer and song writer) is currently building her career in the United States and recently released a highly charming single with R&B singer Usher title “Crush”, in her third and best album called chapters.

Her achievements adds another positive prospective to the Muslims community. It’s positive, as her last statement on the announcement on her Facebook page, said “Together We Can Change The World”.

Congratulations to Yuna! We look forward for this historical event to happen and more achievement from her and other inspiring successful Muslim.

This article is written by Hanna Lockman

Written by Mvslim

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