“Your Muslim Neighbor Wishes You Happy Holiday” – This LaunchGood Campaign Is What We Need Right Now


You would think nothing good can ever come out of Trump’s election, at least that’s what I thought, but I was wrong. In response to the hate and bigotry as a result of Trump and his supporters, many Muslims proudly shared that they would wear their hijabs tighter, their beards longer and their Islam even closer.

Three particular individuals have decided that it’s the responsibility of the millennials to help change how Muslims are viewed. While many are marching in the streets or making public appearances, they wanted to do more and that’s why their protest will be heard a bit differently.


The founders, Mohamed, Jasmine and Angie, have acknowledged that our Islamic values beg us to retaliate with kindness. So that’s why they started Muslim Neighbor, a project based in Staten Island, New York, that sends greeting cards to homes in the area for the holiday season.

And if you’re thinking, “New Yorkers are against Trump,” think again. Staten Island, home of about 170,000 voters, has a majority in favor of President Elect Trump! They started with the small goal of $600 to reach their neighbors in Staten Island but with great response to the campaign, they increased their goal to reach even more neighborhoods.

Actually, they hope to send cards to your neighbors as well. They want to raise enough funds to spread across the country. If not to every state, then to cities that are definitely in need of a Muslim-friendly environment. With just five dollars you can reach five different homes! And with a little more, you can guarantee the impact to reach your own neighborhood!


A few nice words like “Happy Holidays” and “Happy New Year,” can be the first steps to create kinder, more personal connections between you and the community at large. With just nine days left in the campaign, let’s help them impact their neighbors and yours by supporting their initiative.

You can find out more and help support the cause at LaunchGood:

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