This Young Woman Created Her Own Snack Bar With a Special Ingredient

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, some even in the form of snack bars or a young Muslim woman like Zobiada Falah, who created her own healthy snack bar. Snack bar? You may think, how is this relevant information in a society filled with protein bars, chocolate bars,… Well, I will enlighten you.

These bars, as already mentioned, are super healthy. They contain the wholesome ingredients of almonds, coconut and her famous black seeds, an ingredient that has never been used in snack bars ever. Her grandmother swore by this ingredient because she believed it could protect her from any illness (although we do not claim this to be 100% true). It is sweetened with only honey and… generosity.

The snack bars are made with black seed (Source: Facebook/Cure)
The snack bars are made with black seed (Source: Facebook/Cure)

Generosity may be a bit of a strange ingredient but it’s true. The best part of these bars is that for every bar sold, another bar is donated to a person in need. Basically this means you can help people by eating delicious food, this is a dream come true!

“With all the entropy in this world, there is a dire need for people to stop and think about those less fortunate and do something to contribute to easing the suffering throughout the world,” Falah says.

Her inspiration for making these bars came from her college years where she indulged in junk food, her students who she sees eating refined sugars and bad carbs all day every day and her co-workers who skip meals due to lack of time. She remembered all these ingredients her grandmother used to give her and like that, CURE bars where born.

Some grocery stores already showed some interest and of course she hopes CURE bars will eventually be available in every grocery store, airport, gas station, school en vending machine.

Besides her “Give a Bar” campaign, CURE M gives CURE bars to Ohio food banks and she hopes to build farms in third world countries and teach the natives how to farm and get benefits from their crops.

Written by Maurane Dierckx

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