You Know You’re Muslim When These 7 Things Are Part of Life

1. Staying for dinner at your friend’s house isn’t obvious

You know when you’ve spent all day at a friend’s house and at a certain moment one of the parents ask you whether you want to stay for dinner. Well as a Muslim staying over at a friend that isn’t Muslim might be a bit awkward. Especially if the parents say that they bought chicken instead of pork just so you could eat with them. Having to say that you can’t eat the chicken either if it’s not halal is one of the most annoying things, because you just feel so ungrateful.


2. There are double clothing standards

You know when Cindy wears a maxi dress and everyone is in awe and she gets compliments for being so fashionable, but when Aicha wears a maxi dress she gets strange looks and is seen as radicalised. Or even worse, she’s sent back home from school because she looks too oppressed. (Shout-out to France).


3. You have to apologise

Every time something happens that gets claimed by some terrorist group or someone who claims to be Muslim, people around us give us the feeling that we have to explain or apologise for it. I feel like we’re always apologising.
“sorry for 9/11”
“sorry for Charlie Hebdo”
“sorry for when you hit your pinky toe on the table corner last week, yeah that was our fault too”


4. Going out is an issue

It’s Friday evening and your friends are discussing where they will be partying that weekend and if you didn’t get the opportunity to escape already you’ll probably get the question that somehow makes us very uncomfortable :

“Hey, you should totally come party with us tomorrow!”

This is where your mind starts to figure out a whole plan because partying is just not for us. What are you, as someone who doesn’t drink alcohol’ going to do between people who are all drunk at some point. Plus, all of our dads have this idea of the club being the place where all the haram happens. So instead of just saying no, which will only cause your friends to start begging and asking you why, you came up with some great excuse like “my mom her sister her cousin is coming over, so I can’t.”

5. Dates have a different meaning

In movies dates are all about two people who are in love, going out to have dinner. Telling each other cute jokes and stories. But the only dates you’re getting are the ones that accompany your harira during Ramadan.


6. People are trying to ‘Halal flirt’ with you

This one mainly goes out to the women who have ever experienced men trying to flirt with them in a way they think is acceptable. They’ll try to yell things at you such as ‘mash ‘Allah’ or ‘smile, it’s sunnah’ to make it seem as if they’re hitting on you in a ‘halal’ way. Please don’t waste your time doing this and just fix your hijab, brother.


7. You don’t have prom but you have Eid

Ramadan is over and it’s such a big day because all your friends and family are coming over. Everyone looks glammed up and it really does feel like Muslim prom. Trying to get the perfect outfit that’ll make your grandma go like ‘mash’Allah’ and your cute neighbour like ‘insh’Allah’. Just kidding, obviously your attention fully goes to all the food that is prepared that day. At the end of the day you pretty much feel like this:


Written by Latifa Saber

Latifa Saber is a 21-year-old student with strong opinions on pretty much everything. Feminism, literature and fashion are her main fields of interest.