Yes, I’m a Muslim AND a feminist!

We live in a world where we can fly spaceships to other planets, where cars can drive by themselves and where women’s rights still have to be debated. Every time I think about it, it baffles me that we live in the 21st century, yet we still have to discuss simple things such as human rights. As a feminist I believe in equal rights and opportunities for both men and women. To me this sounds like common sense, but when I tell people I’m a feminist I always get mixed reactions. Especially when they know I’m a Muslim. That’s why I decided to write a piece to get rid of the stereotypes for once and for all, and to do this I also asked different people on social media to tell me about their experiences. So before shrugging and clicking away, try to be a little open-minded and read what feminism is actually about.

Personally I think feminism is about people being able to make choices for themselves without getting judged. You want to wear the veil? Fine! You want to wear short skirts? That’s fine too! It’s not up to me to go up to people and tell them what is wrong and what is right. The only person I have to control is myself. Obviously feminism goes way further than just the way you dress. But the most important thing is that there are equal human rights for men and women. These aren’t crazy ideas right? Yet there are always people who judge others for being feminists. Some Muslim men think I’m just a little girl whining because I don’t want to do the dishes. Others think I am some kind of Ayaan Hirsi Ali supporter. But there are also some non-Muslim people who have these stereotypes that really bother me. Ideas such as having to free me from my beliefs because I am oppressed. Listen to me, we are far from oppressed. Islam was the first religion but also the first system to give women the right to have education, the right to vote, etc. “Yeah but the Quran says-..” Excuse me but have you actually read the Quran? Have you actually put everything in its context or are you just trying to make your point and make me look like I’m oppressed?

Being a Muslim and a feminist is possible and here I am to prove that. I don’t feel any connection towards Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who seems to only bash Islam and I don’t feel any connection to Femen either who seem to only want to ‘free’ women by tearing their clothes off. I do feel a connection to women who stand up for each other, who support each other whatever their belief or background might be. That’s what I believe in.
What you’ve just read was about me and my experiences, but I didn’t want this to revolve around me only. There are some other people who wanted to share their ideas and experiences. These people are Muslims with different backgrounds, from different countries, who want to show you that being Muslim and a feminist is perfectly possible.

Soraya H. , 20 years old. Belgium

According to me, every woman should be a feminist, because feminism doesn’t believe in the superiority of women but in equality. Women aren’t superior to man nor the same but they are equal. This idea fits Islam perfectly. Islam says that daughters are a blessing to fathers, women complete half of their husband’s deen and that Paradise lies at the feet of your mother.

So it’s more the macho-culture that oppresses women for no reason. As a Muslim and a feminist I advocate against this macho-culture. This macho-culture that does not only exist in Arab countries but also in countries in the West. Women are still paid less than men for doing the exact same job, this happens in the ‘Oh so enlightened West’.

As stated before I do not believe in superiority. I believe in equality on a social, socio- cultural and economic level. This is not contradictory with Islam. It is not because some ‘scholars’ take away our rights, that we actually don’t have any. Because we do. Women are independent beings who have knowledge , and knowledge is power.

Helga, 18 years old. Germany.

I am a Muslim feminist because Islam is against misogyny and for gender equality. And we need to get our rights back as Muslim women.
Islam gave us our rights and society has taken them away.
The only people that have a problem with me being a Muslim and a feminist are not informed enough about feminism or about Islam.

Hossein A. , 24 years old. Belgium

Personally I think feminism is a necessity. It’s a phenomenon created on a belief of equality. Growing up, I have always been around women, my dad worked most of the time so my upbringing was in hands of my leading lady at the time, Mommy. My father, a first generation Moroccan, always surprised me when it came to his idea about women. Even though their tribe is known for their stubbornness, he was very clear about life. About women. Muslims should follow the ideals written down in the Quran. And when it comes to women, men tend to forget that. My father always underlined one mind-set:

“Islam was the first belief to give women heritance right, the right to own their own property and so on. Women are equal to men. There is no superiority. Period.”

The idea of Islam oppressing women is one big misunderstanding. A misunderstanding that finds his roots in culture. The fact that a woman should stay home, cook, bear children and clean the house is outdated and hostile. And unfortunately very popular among certain kinds of men.

Tanis, 20 years old. Canada.

I would say that we, on a large scale, have been sold the narrative that Islam equals oppression and especially the oppression of women. But if you read the Qu’ran you know that this is not true. The truth is that the Qu’ran over and over again speaks to the equality of men and women. Islam did not “give women rights”, but the Qu’ran declares Allah swt intention of equality between all human kind. Feminism advocates for equal social, political and economic rights for men and women. I can call myself a feminist and a Muslim because this is exactly what was revealed in the Qu’ran 1500 years ago.

And last but not least some people who tweeted me with the hashtag #muslimandfeminist

My main purpose with this article was to kill some stereotypes about feminism. It’s not about superiority nor is it about bashing Islam, nor do we need to be freed from our belief. Feminists are people who believe in the idea that women and men are equal and that people should be able to make choices for themselves. So instead of ridiculing feminist ideas, try educating yourselves.


Written by Latifa Saber

Latifa Saber

Latifa Saber is a 21-year-old student with strong opinions on pretty much everything. Feminism, literature and fashion are her main fields of interest.

  • FuzzyFTW .

    muslims can’t be feminist because feminism is a satanic cult

    • Latifa Saber

      That’s your opinion and I respect that but it’s not fair to talk for all of us. Instead I suggest you to do some research.

  • SadiyaP

    I love this article – as a self-proclaimed feminist, a lot of people tease me about my hardheadedness when it comes to certain issues and gender equality, but I know for a fact that Islam is rooted in equality and there’s no better way to practice it other than giving everyone their respective, God-given rights.

  • Amina

    The problem is Patriarchy and how uneducated sexist men interpret the Quran and Hadiths, how we all Muslims understand our religion. Quran never said to hit women and polygamy was to help orphans and poor widows during war…but now we have men who think Quran gives them right for beating, mistreating and taking wives to satisfy their lusty feelings. I wish one day people get to know true Islam!

    • xfarisv

      its really based off that household culture. For me as a muslim guy; women in my lives never had these issues , especially in my culture.

      • Cake123

        What’s your culture like??

        • xfarisv

          Men do not use religion to take advantage of women. Really No guy does that, so in my culture, its pretty fucked up shit to do.

          In general regardless of creed and such, men will try ti find a way to take advantage by whatever means.

    • Cake 🎂

      True I agree with you xxx

  • Jokuvaan

    Well yes if you willingly ignore some fundamental ideas/scriptures/doctrines/ect from one side.
    Or one can be a bad muslim and good feminist or good muslim and bad feminist.
    Sex slavery, beating wives, female genital mutilation, raping non-muslims, forced marriage, honour killings, ect are all De-Facto justified by Islam.
    Oh and if you think you can prove me wrong then please do send a copy to ISIS as well.
    Afterall they are devout muslims following islamic scriptures to the letter. Heck they would go around with pogosticks wearing pink pyjamas if there was a proper hadith ordering it.

    • Cake 🎂

      Enough with your anti Islam preaching hahahah you atheist/Christian (whatever religion you are) actually make me laugh and make my day x your ignorance kills have you ever looked at the Quran in detail I can garuntee you that Islam is the fastest growing religion in your post a lot of this stuff is cultural so I am not surprised by your ignorance looks like your just own of those people that like to spread hate. Enough getting your sources from anti Islamic websites and actually read the Quran for yourself, I am fed up with dealing with your silly incapable mind. However my religion teaches better I am not going to stoop down to your level. I hope to see you burn in hell Sir/Madam.

      oh and one more thing to say ignorance is cancer.

      Sticks and stones may brake my bones but words will never hurt me that’s right have you heard that saying before??? the more you say it won’t affect me as I know that I will see you in hell you know what you should probably kill yourself yep what a great idea saves us from people like you but have no purpose but to spread hate. TYPICAL!

      I hope you have a good day sir/madam (sarcasm)

      • Ken

        Americans MIGHT respect your idiotic loser about your cult religion of separation and hate for all non Muslims, if you could write in our language better, with more precise wording, and correct spelling. Btw I have read the Quran in part as well as other religious txt, and you idiots defending it as “not hateful” know full well you are misrepresenting just like when Christians in the 90s had to start acting like they don’t think, and the bible doesn’t say, “all non believers go to hell”. Same basic thing if you hop on the bandwagon of a religion stand by its whole book, you don’t get to change the facts and make a “new islam”

        • Ken

          Also, it is hilarious to see/hear people like you attempt to justify your cult as non-hate based, non violent, and peaceful. When EVERY time someone openly corrects any of you on this you go right to…… wait for it…… hate…
          Yup full of hate to the point you lose your little Islamic head and tell folks you “hope they go to hell” and they should kill themselves, …. some peace moron.

  • Keith Chi Kin Cheng

    If you don’t follow Quran 100%. Than you are not a good Muslim. You can be either hot or cold but not luke warm. Therefore you can’t be a good feminist and a good muslim at the same time. The problem is why do you need to belong to any religion that was created decades ago that does not allow any changes?