Yes, Another Article With Study Tips (But These Really Work!)

You know the finals are coming up again when you scroll through your Facebook feed and you see about 250 articles about study tips. And here I am writing another one to add on to that pile. If you expect some ground-breaking tips then let me already tell you that I might disappoint you. But I’m definitely going to save you from me telling that drinking water and getting enough sleep is important because we all know that. And we also know that getting enough sleep during finals is probably the last thing that comes up to our minds when we still have to study half of our thousand pages book. (You might notice that I love exaggerating).

1. Don’t compare yourself to others

The closer the finals appear, the more you will start to stress out. And personally the biggest mistake I always make is to start comparing myself to others.

“Oh my God Lisa has already started studying and Hassan has such good study guides and here I am with my mess”
Stop that already because it’s only going to stress you out. You’re not going to be more or less organised when you compare yourself to other people. We are all different, which also means that we all have different ways of studying. So instead of comparing your ways of studying to others, try to find structure in your way and do the best you can. At the end of the day that is all you can do.


2. Pray

There are a thousand ways that help people during the process of studying and one of them can be praying. Now don’t get me wrong, when I say praying I don’t mean thinking that all you have to do is ask Allah to pass you on all your exams while you take 12-hour naps. You’re obviously going to have to study, but praying can help you if you have concentration problems for example. Or if you have a very difficult exam the next day, you can always pray to God to help you through it.

3. Study hard, party (not so) hard (but a little is okay)

When you have to study for weeks you can get really caught up in this routine where all you do is sit at your desk and ignore everything else. It’s a good thing to be this motivated, but don’t forget that you’re human and humans need things such as oxygen and food. And when I say oxygen, I mean actually going outside even if it’s for 5 minutes in your garden. I don’t mean opening your window, breathing in and out to then close it and finish studying. (Yes I am guilty of doing this at times). Give yourself some breaks, do something that makes you feel relaxed. Just don’t forget to actually go back to studying, don’t let this 20 minute break turn into a full week of chilling in the garden.

4. Let’s talk food

I know I can give you a ton of recipes that involve muesli and berries and lemon water and ingredients that sound way to healthy to my liking. Only, I’m really not the right person to give the ‘healthy talk’. I know from experience though that there are days where you just want to shove pizza and burgers into your face. But sadly this might be a bad thing to keep on doing every day, because studying asks a lot from your body and adding that junk to it will probably not make it any better. I’m not saying you have to turn into this healthy diet freak, but try to at least drink enough water and replace your energy drink or dose of caffeine with some relaxing camomile tea. Because the last thing we want is to start off summer with a face full of breakouts and a body that you can roll over the beach, now do we?


Finals week, exams, whatever it is called where you live, it’s not the most pleasant time of the year. So whatever it takes for you to make this period less dreadful, do it. I’m not talking about booking that trip to Hawaii, I’m talking small things that can help you through the studying process. Because yes, people expect you to get decent grades, but don’t forget to put everything in perspective. Don’t put yourself in situations that you can’t handle. At the end of the day, it’s just finals. Chill out!

Written by Latifa Saber

Latifa Saber is a 21-year-old student with strong opinions on pretty much everything. Feminism, literature and fashion are her main fields of interest.