World’s First Virtual Fashion Week Is Happening – And It’s For Modest Clothing

Do you even realize how exciting this is?

The Islamic Fashion Design Council is the first to bring out a virtual fashion week as a part of their Pret-A-Cover program.

Sounds nice,” you’re thinking, “but what exactly does that bring along?”. And more important; “What’s in it for me?”. And the rest of the world too, of course let’s not be all too selfish here.

Well, concretely, it means that each Cover Magazine will have a Pret-A-Cover Fashion Week section. This section keeps you up-to-date on trends in modest fashion on a weekly basis. The magazine’s already highly engaging features and articles will be expanded with shopping tips and product advice.

Designers all over the world, people who might not sound familiar but certainly deserve the buzz and credits they’ll get, will get the chance to get featured in this section as well.

Besides, there will also be a stimulating virtual panel discussion, moderated by Dr. Aliona Popova, where you can engage with leading talents in the modest fashion industry.

The Pret-A-Cover program will be a game-changer and will lead to more modest wear sections within stores, great designers getting discovered, more growth of the modest fashion industry and simply more equal opportunities.

Time to put modest fashion on the map, people!

cover foto

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