World’s First Quran Park: A Park Uniting People of All Faiths

Once in a while, we have all been to parks, whether they be local, recreational, or amusement, but have you ever heard of the world’s first Quran Park?

About the park

Also known as Al-Quran Park and located in Al-Khawaneej area, the recreational region was opened to the public on March 30th, 2019. Measuring up to 64 Hectares, the aim of the Quran Park is to invite families and visitors to learn about the miracles of Islam, including elements of symbols and motives from the holy book.

While quelling misconceptions and building bridges, the Quran Park was established with the intention to unite members of all faiths into understanding the beauty and underlying meaning and depth of the Islamic faith.

What can you find there?

Using ecological advances, an Islamic garden composed of plants mentioned in the holy text will be ready for people to roam around and explore into. Figs, pomegranates, olive, corn, tamarind, wheat, and etc. are few of the 54 plants mentioned in the holy text which anyone will be able to look at. These plants and trees will be on display in a glass house for viewers to make connections from the holy text with. Additionally, a play area for children will also be open for all in the Park.

The Quran Park’s regional areas are meant to depict a few of the miracles in Islam. While walking inside through a cave tunnel, lights with slides will explain a few of the stories and miracles from the Holy Scripture, with visitors coming in for a special surprise as well. Using holograms and projector screens, the Quran Park showcases how, when, and where the elements of events in Islam have taken place through time to visitors.

Other facilities and additions to the Quran Park include several bodies of water, many fountains, solar trees, an outdoor theater, a desert garden, an Umrah corner, and three different kinds of tracks.

Using geography, landscaping, and ecology to explain several stories in Islam, the park aims to highlight figurative and literary expressions and symbolic elements of miracles of the Prophets and Islam. As well with the help of technology, the Quran Park is also intended to depict Islam’s scientific and cultural achievements invariably so.

At the moment, the Dubai Municipality has announced that the world’s first Quran Park will be open for people to visit free of cost.Related image

Written by Noor Siddiqui

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