This Muslim woman was a refugee, now she’s the youngest minister ever in Sweden

Have you ever heard of Aida Hadzialic? You should have, because she has set a model for young Muslims in the Western world. Aida fled for war in Bosnia and Herzegovina when she was five years old. She and her family fled to Sweden 22 years ago.


At the age of 27, Aida Hadzialic is named minister of the Upper Secondary School and Adult Education Initiative in Sweden. This made her the youngest minister ever of Sweden. Not only is she the youngest minister there, she is also the first Muslim minister. She is a graduated law student from the University of Lund.

She proves that no one has an excuse for not achieving their goals. All you need is passion and perseverance.

Written by Assia Loutfi

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Assia is a 21-year- old digital media student. She has a big passion for the Japanese culture and loves tea. In her spare time she likes to read books and watch television series.