This hijabi stole our hearts: Nadiya Hussain won the Great British Bake Off!

Nadiya Hussain (30) has won the Great British Bake Off. The young mother of three has been the viewers’ favourite since the very beginning of the show but the victory still came as a surprise to her.


Nadiya was born in Luton, but her parents are both from Bangladesh. She found her love for baking when she went to Challney High School for Girls. Her cookery teacher, Ms Marshall, supported her from the beginning. They used to prepare food during lunch break, after 4 years Nadiya got pretty good and confident about her cooking and baking skills.

She’s been a remarkable contestant in the British baking show, all thanks to her great results while wearing a traditional headscarf. Even though her hijab was no problem during the show, Nadiya still feared people would dismiss her as a ‘Muslim with a scarf’. Fortunately, that didn’t happen and the viewers became big fans of her work.

Before the show, Nadiya wasn’t very confident about her baking skills. She was afraid to overstep her boundaries and fail. But now, she has told the DailyMail: “I’m never going to put boundaries on myself ever again.” She didn’t only win the exciting competition, but she dedicated her cake to her husband, Abdal Hussein. It was the wedding cake they never had when they got married in Bangladesh. A traditional looking cake with lemo flavour, her husband’s favourite.


Two of the three finalists were children of migrants: Nadiya herself and Tamal Ray (29) who is of Indian descent. The third finalist was Ian Cumming (41).

Nadiya has also gotten a lot of support from people from all over the country. A lot of Muslim women in Great Britain are inspired by her. Winning this contest with tears of happiness made her a much more condident woman. It looks like Nadiya has a bright future ahead of her.