Why you should never skip breakfast (seriously, don’t)

The biggest mistake you can make when you are trying to lose a few pounds is to eat less. You think eating less is going to have immediate results on the scales. I have tried the best known diets. Skipping meals and breakfast was all part of the deal. Those are the biggest mistakes you can make, according to me, and unfortunately I have only realised that years later. After a night of sleep, your body requires nutrients to restart.

You can compare it to the petrol in a car. You cannot drive without petrol. That is exactly how our bodies work: we need nutrients to fuel our energy. When you skip breakfast, you will have the famous snack attack later that day: You want to eat everything you find right away. This is caused by your blood sugar level reaching a low. At times like that you will not be able to think straight and healthy. And because of this you will snack unhealthily, which will only cause more damage to your body. For me personally, the most important step towards a healthy lifestyle is definitely breakfast. Try to teach yourself in (baby) steps to eat and drink in the morning, no matter what. Always start with one or two glasses of water. I used to go to school and work without breakfast and the result of that took me sweat and tears to lose. Now, I always take my time to eat breakfast, I even wake up hungry. Skipping breakfast is not an option anymore.

Always eat breakfast. My favourite breakfast is Greek yoghurt with dates or nuts (unprocessed or just plain nuts). Nuts will give you the right fats, yoghurt will supply you with proteins and dates will fuel your carbohydrates. That way you eat a bit of everything. A green smoothie is my favourite breakfast when I am in a hurry but still want to eat something healthy. How to make it: start off with a handful of spinach or kale, add a piece of fruit, water or coconut water and finish it with super foods like flax seeds or chia seeds. It does not have to take a lot of time. Set your alarm ten minutes earlier, and eventually you will lose a few pounds and save some money.

With dieting and skipping meals, you will only keep the yoyo-effect. You will lose weight, but you will gain it again really soon and you will probably gain more weight than you have just lost before. Change your eating pattern step by step. Start by eating breakfast and try to eat something every two to three hours. Write down what you eat in one day. This will add a bit of necessary self-reflection to your new lifestyle.

Take it from me, you will see the results and the pounds will stay away. Eating breakfast is not only a good thing when you want to lose pounds. You should always take good care of your body.

Written by Healthy Sisters

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The Healthy Sisters are a team of two sisters, who want to motivate others to eat healthy and work out. Najima is a nutritionist who loves to share facts about food and easy ways to eat healthier. Rachida is a runner, who likes to run marathons and motivate others to do the same.