Why US Muslims Give More To Charity Than Other Americans

American Muslims give $4.3 billion to charitable causes 

A research report published by Lilly Family School of Philanthropy in collaboration with Islamic Relief USA, one of the leading faith-based charities, revealed that Muslims in the USA donated a guesstimate of $4.3 billion in 2020!

The report also suggests that Muslim-Americans are also one of the most racially diverse groups in the U.S comprising of Arabs, Asians, African-Americans, and Caucasians among others. Latinos are currently one of the fastest-growing Muslim-Americans demographics as well. 

The study surveyed the sentiments of 2005 participants regarding donor behaviour, faith customs, volunteering and attitudes and practices on donation. The breakdown of 2005 was a representative sample of 1002 respondents from the general population and 1003 from Muslim respondents.

Although Muslims make only 1.1% of the US population they led the way when it comes to giving. An average donation to faith-based causes is $1810 with more than 27% of charitable donations going towards houses of worship.

Supporting overseas projects is also highlighted which accounts for almost 13% of donations. 

There is a general perception that American Muslims don’t support local projects but that is not the case. Domestic relief counts 11% and it is growing. The strongest motivations for the American Muslim population are a feeling of compassion toward people in need. In general, based on age, Muslims 40-49 age bracket have the highest charitable giving. 

American Muslims Charity

Charity is a crucial part of the Muslim faith. Muslims are more generous than the general population in many countries. Zakat and Sadaqah giving contribute a large amount of charity especially in Ramadan which then helps many charities to implement their projects.

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