Why I Give Obama a C+ For His Accomplishments

Barack Obama, the 44th President of the Unites States, is leaving the office today on January 19, 2017. And if I had to grade his achievements, I would give him a C+.

Why this grade, though? Some people might think he did a pretty good job, others might feel like he totally failed. Here are the factors that influenced my decision making:

1. His Economic Decisions

When Bill Clinton left the office, the country had an economic surplus which was used by the succeeding President to pay for the war in the Middle East. Normally, when you go to war, there are several ways to finance it and none of which are good for the economy of the country in the long run.

The Bush Administration didn’t really do those, at the expense of the economy of the United States that soon started to plummet. That and other decisions made by the Bush Administration caused the American Economy to enter into a free fall.

Obama stopped this by bailing out Wall Street, the housing industry, and the automotive industry. If he hadn’t, there would have been a domino effect once America had completely plummeted. And inevitably, the whole world’s economy would have followed.

2. His Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

This bill was major for many American women who thought that while they performed the same job as their male colleagues and had the same or more credentials, they were being discriminated against. They were paid less or sometimes, without their knowledge, there was a pay discrepancy.

Since the passing of the act in 2009, women in America who qualify can take their employer to court if necessary for fair pay. The act is equally supported by many men.

3. His Foreign Policies

While Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals (DACA) helped many underage illegal immigrants become lawful it also had a flip side of mass deportation. The Republicans had called him soft with immigration laws so this mass deportation was his balancing act which caused a loss of supporters. He had to make hard choices and tough decisions. To continue, his use of drones in war also earned him unsavory critics, even from his own party because of the collateral damage they cause.

Obama had also promised to close Guantanamo Bay and that didn’t happen. This prison is a shame for the image of America and used as propaganda by real terrorists to recruits because supposed terrorists also dwell in that cage. This is where my reservations on Obama start.

Nevertheless, he is way better than the future mind the country will inaugurate soon.

4. Obama Care

This act is not perfect but it can’t be annulled because there is nothing to replace it. America, the most industrialized country on earth can’t provide free healthcare for all its inhabitants? It’s not acceptable.

Even the Caliphate centuries ago provided free healthcare to their people. Now, the main reason Republicans want to repeal this act is because Obama Care is pretty much wealth redistribution. For the Black people who complain too much about him, he did this for you!

Sure, his presidency was a small dent in the state of affairs of America but we can’t simplify his term into nothingness. The Obamas were always classy and not petty people. To paraphrase Michelle: “When people went low, they went high.”

Obama, khair! We will miss you for sure.

Written by Papatia Feauxzar

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Papatia Feauxzar is an accountant, an avid reader and writer living in Dallas, Texas with her nuclear family. She blogs at papatia.wordpress.com. Papatia feels blessed by the Almighty to be able to work in accounting from home while she raises her young son, pens and reads him stories.