Why ‘Fighting for Faith’ is the essential Ramadan podcast

The Digital Sisterhood - Fighting for Faith

Writer Imaan Al-Asaly interviews the team behind the award-winning podcast, The Digital Sisterhood, to discuss faith-based activism and stories of resilience among Muslim women in their latest season, ‘Fighting for Faith’

After months of witnessing the horrors unfolding across Muslim lands and feeling overwhelmed by helplessness, only the constant du’a of ‘Hasbunallah wa ni’mal-Wakil‘ (Sufficient for us is Allah, and [He is] the best Disposer of affairs) could lift the heavy load off our shoulders as it echoes through our hearts.

As a Muslim woman, I bear witness to the suffering of my fellow sisters, especially in Palestine, from behind the screens—the ones clutching the limp bodies of their children, burying their newlywed husbands, or sifting through rubble with their bare hands.

I know I’m not alone in my desire to know who these women are, to understand how to help, and to grasp what keeps their faith unshakeable amidst such loss.

Enter The Digital Sisterhood (TDS), a platform and podcast with the mission to destigmatise and demystify pre-existing narratives about what it means to be a Muslim woman in the world today, leveraging what makes them an award-winning podcast in the first place: excellent storytelling.

Since its founding by CEO and host, Cadar Mohamoud, in 2021, TDS has been smashing stereotypes and shedding light on crucial issues, reaching listeners in 147 countries, with over 15 million downloads and ranked as the #1 podcast in the US, UK, and Australia in the Self-Improvement Category.

With a new season, TDS continues to push boundaries with what could be one of the most anticipated Muslim podcasts to launch this Ramadan, covering diverse stories of struggles many Muslim women from Gaza to France, Sudan to Toronto, faced with their faith.

Season 4, aptly titled ‘Fighting for Faith,’ is, in Cadar’s own words, “Our letter to the Ummah,” aiming to bring to light how our sisters across the globe grapple with personal trials and hostile environments to maintain their faith in “a world ablaze with injustice.” This highly-anticipated new season is not only bringing attention to new and old struggles faced by modern Muslim women but addresses what we can do as Muslims, and as an Ummah, to empower Muslim women by vocalizing their stories and to alleviate the vast expanse of suffering taking place all around us.

The Digital Sisterhood season 4

In my interview with the team behind the mic, a recurring theme was this season’s role as a ‘response card’ to oppression, showcasing resilience and encouraging vocal advocacy. In the episode ‘If I Must Die,’ we hear about the childhood and war experiences of Shayma, a 25-year-old from Gaza, who, despite her grief, continues to pursue her dreams, maintaining her faith in Allah. This episode offers a window into the realities of life in Gaza, emphasizing shared humanity and the importance of gratitude, as production manager Maaheen Khan reminds us, “every moment is a blessing from Allah; we need to reset ourselves and remember why we are on this earth.”

Another episode I’m most intrigued by, ‘Why Does Allah Hate Me?’ explores a different kind of faith battle, a story that’s uncommonly told but closer to the reality of struggle in this day and age—one that takes place on the battleground of the heart and of the Nafs: battling same-sex urges for the sake of Allah.

Podcast lead Hanna Adan reflects on the importance of compassion and the profound impact it can have on our faith and view of God, “How people’s actions impact you. How little throwaway comments can impact your Islam and your relationship with Allah… the key word here is compassion. Life could be so much nicer if everyone were more compassionate to each other.”

The overarching message from ‘Fighting for Faith’ is clear: regardless of our individual hardships, belief in Allah and His plan allows us to transcend worldly struggles and losses, enabling us to rise above them, heal from our wounds, and provide us with the fuel to continue for those we love for the sake of Allah. TDS is creating waves of change by addressing the real issues our sisters across the world face, improving our Ummah one listener at a time.

I asked them how each and every one of us can do our part. Cadar started with “Just do it,” urging us to start with ourselves, our homes, and our communities, highlighting the domino effect of positive change. TDS’ very own marketing extraordinaire, Sawsan Abdillahi, echoed, “You can fight your Nafs with du’a, with your mouth, with your hand; you can fight with sadaqa.”

“You think you have to do it alone, but it’s so nice to just support,” Hana added, noting that it’s not always necessary to start something fresh; supporting our sisters and contributing in any way we can is filled with barakah.

These messages resonated deeply with me as a mother, reminding me of my own ‘fight for faith’—to do justice by raising my children to the best of my abilities, so they too can become part of the intricate and impenetrable weave that is our Ummah. I plan to wield the believer’s most potent tool—du’a—as my guiding light on this journey, InshaAllah.

Tune in and share the stories that bind us in The Digital Sisterhood’s latest season ‘Fighting for Faith’ beginning March 8th, available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube.

Imaan Al-Asaly

Imaan Al-Asaly

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