PR Stunt Gone Wrong: #AskNetanyahu Hashtag Backfires

A social media campaign launched on Tuesday by Benjamin Netanyahu has backfired spectacularly. Via the Prime Minister’s Twitter account an online Q&A was announced giving the people a chance to tweet their questions under the hashtag #AskNetanyahu. And although it was a big success, making it a trending topic on Twitter by Tuesday even though the Q&A was set to go live on Thursday, it wasn’t the kind of success Netanyahu was hoping for.

Activists jumped on the opportunity to ridicule, criticize and confront Netanyahu with the illegal occupation, war crimes and atrocities against the Palestinians.

What seemed to be an attempt to score points with public opinion ultimately resulted into a bad publicity stunt. You should’ve seen that one coming, Bibi.

Here are just some of the questions asked:

Written by Mvslim

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