Who Said Muslims Don’t Go on Road Trips? This is How You Prepare for an Amazing Ride

Summer is coming up and people are planning their holidays. Some of us are travelling by plane to their favorite vacay destination. But if you like the more spontaneous and adventurous activities, you might end up road tripping with some friends. For road trippers, the journey is the destination, and here are some tips for during your journey.

1. Clean and organize your car
You’ll be sorry if you leave all those snack packages and receipts laying around in your car. A few days into your trip, your glove box wil overflow with new receipts and local maps that you use. It will be one big chaos and your car won’t be a pleasant environment to be in. Clean and organize everything before you decide to leave. And as your trip proceeds, take time every couple of days to purge your car of all the junk. A clean environment means a clear mind.

2. Music
Few things go together as well as music and the open road. Make the time to set up a playlist, ask your travel buddies what their favourite tunes are and mix it up with some of yours. Make sure you download the playlist to your phone or an usb-stick.

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3. Eat and sleep local

Give the local food a go – even if you have no idea what it is. After all, it might be the only chance you get and it might suprise you. The same goes for accommodation, don’t stay at the shiny, popular resort. Try the unique, local B&Bor motel for a change.

4. Camp outside or in the car

Depending on your budget and your car, you might consider camping instead of hotels or motels. It’s a great way to meet new people and it’s cheap and easy.  If you have a large car or van, you can even sleep in your vehicle at some campsites.

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5. Google maps

A great place to start is to enter your start and final destination, and get an idea of timing. Adjust the route and see where you can go and how long it’ll take you. Google maps is the ideal app for that task. Keep in mind that you’ve got to have room for the unexpected turns and spontaneous decisions.

6. Travel buddies

Choose your travel buddies wisely. Hit up that adventurous friend that you haven’t spoken in a while. Ask your best friend to clear their schedule for you and plan your trip together. But don’t forget, road trips can make or break a friendship!

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7. Stay safe!

Last but not least, stay safe! If you feel sleepy, ask your buddies to drive or take a break and camp. Don’t forget useful accessoires like a flash light, a knife and some batteries.