Ask yourself: Who are you?

Ever since I was born, people constantly ask me the same question over and over again. They ask me ‘who’ I am. ‘Oh you, who cannot identify himself with one word, with your ‘strange’ heritage, weird culture and unknown God, who are you?’

After thousands of failed attempts to clear this up, the answer to this question still seems to exceed the comprehension of many, even the comprehension of the policymakers. I can somewhat understand this. People just can’t understand my ‘being’, if they don’t understand my life goal.

The “stars”

I’m 21 years old and I notice that almost every layer in our society constantly measures themselves with the stars. They only give a valuable ‘meaning’ to themselves, if they are awarded with the same ‘successful’ destiny. Most of the time, they don’t mind taking in the egocentrism that goes with that destiny. You aren’t a ‘successful’ person, until you can count on millions of views on YouTube or until you’re constantly asked for a selfie when you’re walking in the streets.

However it’s because of that ignorance of the real destiny for which we, as humans, were created, that we constantly run after those fake, transient and ego satisfying career.

Although the Islam describes a clear life goal, Muslims also didn’t understand the essence of that. Many of them have the same common ambition to become a successful ‘empty box’. Our whole process of upbringing is even intruded with it. A real ‘survival of the fittest’ is happening. A sea of people who are losing the battle, of which an escalation of heart diseases is a logical consequence. People today could drink each others blood out of hate, revenge and especially out of jealousy to be someone’s ‘pseudo-success’.

Life goal

Allah clearly says in the Quran that we as humans are merely created to worship Him, in the widest sense of the word. The prophet therefore urged us to not only do good, but he also payed a lot of attention to the pure purpose that has to precede the act of doing good.

A society doesn’t function without ethics. Even the most barbaric societies that our world has, have standards and values, which define a person’s acts. Prophet Muhammad therefore had a clear mission as the messenger of Allah. Namely to bring the existing ethics to perfection and to be merciful for the whole mankind.

Well, who am I?

When will we make an effort for the real search for the meaning of our existence? Allah gave everyone a light that can only be expressed when it is fully developed. If you search for that one place where you can light the darkness with your rays of light and you then measure yourself with nothing but the pure source of your existence, then maybe one day you will become the ‘real star’ who has been a benefit for a whole society and who then has made the identity development for a whole generation of ‘stars’ way easier. That person you can be, you should be!

Written by Khalid El Jafoufi

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Khalid El Jafoufi is a 21-year-old law student with an interest in politics, sociology, ethics and education.