“White people are out to get you”: If the media were consistent

We are in danger! We are all in danger! The claw of the white terror has stretched so far that nobody is out of its grasp. Just last week, we saw yet another example of the kind of savagery that guides this insane ideology. Nine innocent people were shot dead in Charleston, North Carolina by one of the murderous peons of this backward tribe of psychopaths. Nine good people of faith had their lives brutally ended by a vicious murderer who only sought to enforce his twisted ideology on our society.

And the worst thing is that this is not just one accidental outlier of the norm. As is reported by this New York Times article, since 9/11 there have been 46 victims killed in US soil by the hands of white extremists, topping the death toll of every other group of politically motivated terrorists (46 victims!).The Charleston shooting is only the most recent tragedy. And not just that, think about all the maniac cops that killed all those innocent people in a show of police brutality: white guys. Think about the shooters that killed all those kids at Columbine, and in Sandy Hook Elementary: white guys. Think about the guy who dressed up as a comic book villain and shot all those people in a movie theatre. Who could come up with such a thing? That’s right: no one but a white guy. Clearly, there is just one inevitable conclusion to be drawn about this: that all white people are fucking crazy.

It’s true, they are all crazy maniacs who want to impose the rule of white supremacy law. Why did you think they want to be able to buy all those assault rifles, all those hand grenades and heavy weapons? To hunt dears and ducks? Give me a break. The truth is they are arming themselves to take over the world and shoot us back to the colonial times to restore the supreme power they once enjoyed.

Oh but the all too common apologists are gonna come in and say: “But not all white people are crazy terrorists, there’s millions of others who are active members of society, many are scientists and human rights activists and bluh, blah, bluh mental illness blah bluh, few bad apples blah blah” Well I haven’t seen any of these so called moderate whites come out and apologize for these killings, and because I haven’t seen it that means it hasn’t happened.

So ultimately, do not let yourselves be fooled by these idiots spouting facts and figures and other nonsense like mathematics, they only want you to lower your guard. The plain truth is that white people, ALL white people are insane and they are dangerous. So if you ever see one on the street, or if you ever hear loud country music, just take a step back, look the other way, and RUN! Run for your dear life! Because they are probably armed and if they don’t shoot you, they are going to enslave you and then they’re going to make you build their railroads.

Written by Sebastian Jimenez

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Sebastian Jimenez was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, did his senior year of high school in Miami and is now a soon to be Sophomore in New York University studying Politics, Economics and Public Policy.