When Culture and Religion Meet Jewelry: ZUDO

Recognizing an undeniable gap in the market with regards to the availability of personalized jewelry for underrepresented groups, the ZUDO founders made it their most important company value to pay homage to the rich culture of their customers. 

ZUDO designs pieces that represent your culture, roots, and beliefs.

Founder Ibraheem Nadeem realized that there was a difficulty in finding personal and meaningful accessories amongst the South Asian and Muslim communities.

ZUDO was born to bridge this gap. They focus on inclusivity by celebrating the diversity of all backgrounds and empowering each wearer through a personal narrative. ZUDO recently took their notion of inclusivity further by releasing a Braille necklace in collaboration with Islam By Touch, contributing to making Islam more accessible to the blind community. 

The brand does not uphold the “one size fits all” principle. Instead, it allows customers to incorporate personal elements into their jewelry. You can design pieces with your names in the language of your choice, as well as pieces that are etched with your own personal handwriting.

The idea of developing the business came about when founder, Ibraheem, was in search of the perfect gift that would match the beautiful personality of his would-be wife, Zuni. The search turned out to be quite challenging, but he refused to give up. He realized a niche as there wasn’t much in the market that represented their South Asian Muslim heritage. 

The search to find a perfect gift for his woman served as the inspiration to build a brand that would later become a company that allows people globally to feel represented.

It’s rare to have a jewelry line that goes beyond aesthetics, and instead ensures it is making an impact within communities around the world. What is mostly a profit-oriented industry for many of its competitors is not the same for ZUDO.

More than growing economically, ZUDO focuses on growing its movement. They have created their own community (#ZUDOFam) and provide the tools to support victims of sexual violence, and promote good mental health. South Asian communities are often silent on the reality of these issues. ZUDO was born to break this silence. 

ZUDO is an active partner of two non-profit organizations: Heart Women & Girls; and MannMukti. Both organizations work on the ground on these pressing social concerns. Through purchasing their accessories, ZUDO encourages their customers to join them in breaking the silence on these issues. 

Head over to www.zudo.co to get your meaningful jewelry now!

Don’t be fooled by the price! They also bridge the gap between affordability and quality. The quality of every single piece is impeccable, waterproof, and tarnish-free and each piece is covered with a lifetime warranty! 

Written by Mvslim

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