What you didn’t know about halal skincare

Muslim women and men have been looking for halal skincare and beauty products that match their lifestyle for years, but only recently did this surge in demand result in a widespread interest in this space. Read on to find out how this happened, the difference between halal and vegan, why the Halal skincare industry matters and our top pick for the best halal skincare brand of 2021!

What is halal skincare and why does it matter?

Halal beauty has stormed into the cosmetics industry and is increasingly shining under the spotlight – much to the delight of many faith driven Muslims. Taking a quick look at search trends over the last five years, interest in halal makeup has gone up tenfold!

So what caused this rise in attention to a previously unknown category?

To answer this, you need to first ask what is Halal skincare? What makes it special? And why is it important for Muslims?

Quite simply, Halal skincare products;

  • Use natural plant-based ingredients
  • Are free from animal by-products, alcohol and parabens.
  • Produced using equipment and materials that comply with Islamic laws.

Coupled with the growing trend for natural, organic and cruelty-free products, companies like Anaaka Cosmetics who have to adhere to these principles to become Halal certified are finding themselves in high demand.

For example, they must not be tested on animals, animal fats, and harsh chemicals – everything the conscious consumer is looking for. This has allowed Halal skincare to emerge from a niche to slowly become a mainstream category that everyone can use, not just 1.8 billion Muslims.

Fun fact: The global market size for Halal skincare has grown to just $4bn less than the natural skin care market size which is valued at $54bn!

What is the difference between halal & vegan cosmetics products?

Vegan-friendly products seek to eliminate all animal-based ingredients whereas halal cosmetics may contain animal ingredients that are permissible under Islamic law such as honey.

How to tell if something is a vegan skincare product

Most consumers are not aware of what’s inside the products they use as many companies remove the word ‘’animal” from their labels by using terms such as, “hydrolyzed collagen” instead of “hydrolyzed animal protein”.

So how do I tell if what I’m using is really vegan?

  1. Check the package for “vegan” or the V symbol.
  2. Check the allergen warnings for milk, eggs or other animal produce.
  3. Scan the ingredients list from top to bottom and look out for the terms on this list.
  4. Use an app to help you

Where can I find the best Halal skin care products?

There are a few companies doing great work. We found one which impressed us as the vision and concept behind each of their products were inspired by Islamic principles and brought to life following Islamic principles.

Take for example, their foaming cleanser product which was inspired by the the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) love for rose water and by this hadith;

While the Prophet (pbuh) was giving a speech, Abu Hazim came and sat in the sun, whereupon the Prophet (pbuh) ordered him to move to sit in the shade (Al-Mustadrak, 1979).

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), recommended protecting and taking care of the skin.

With this in mind the team at Anaaka put their years of experience in the skincare industry to work. They carefully sourced the highest quality ingredients, used the best available modern technology, researched and tested to bring a range of Halal skin care products to the market that exemplify excellence and beauty.

Allah has prescribed excellence in all things (Muslim 1995)

Head over to anaaka.com for a complete solution to your day-to-day skincare routine and lifestyle

Written by Reza Hakim

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