We Can Stop Environmental Dangers by Following These 8 Easy Steps!

We Muslims unfortunately have forgotten how important it is to protect our planet, especially when it comes to consuming non-eco-friendly products. I purposely address the Muslim community since it is our duty to protect and take care of our planet. We use plastic bags, coffee cups, plastic bottles, etc.… You can find plastic almost everywhere. And the sad part is: It lasts forever on the surface of the earth!

It’s not only plastic, though. I wish the problem would end here, but the reality is: we are going to face big environmental dangers if we carry on ignoring climate change, enormous waste of food, trash in the sea, animal species dying… the list could go on forever! The biggest reason why all these problems occur, is because of our non-recyclable consumption! To stop it, we must change the way we live. We can do it if we stick together and follow some very easy steps to apply them on our daily basis.

Step 1: Sign the petitions
There are plenty of organizations that collect signatures to stop projects endangering our planet! Up to this day, a lot of threatening projects were stopped by signed petitions. So, if we want this to carry on we must give SOME effort and open the links provided on the websites or social media accounts of these organizations and sign with your name and e-mail address! That is all!

Step 2: Donate
Since Greenpeace, for example, is a global environmental charity that does not accept any donation from the government, they rely on the donations of the people all over the world! This way they maintain a strong independent voice with support of our donations. It is important to note that Muslims should also contribute to non-Muslim funds and organizations in order to show people that we care, too. People will eventually get interested in our religion if you make friends with the organizers!
Interested in donating? Click the link here

Step 3: Buy eco-friendly products
As already mentioned above, plastic brings way too much damage to the earth. However, there are many companies that do use recyclable resources.Even if they sell their products a little more expensive than the normal price, their products are often usable, while you use a plastic bag once and then you throw it away. Some of us are living wealthy enough, alhamdulillah, that these products are affordable. Those who cannot afford it  can still try to reuse the plastic products we bought earlier and not throw it right away.

Here are some websites where you can buy eco-friendly products:


…and many more!

Step 4: Get attention to worldly issues on social media
The future lies in the hands of the youth, but unfortunately, we witness that the youth is blocked by social media from the big dangers that awaits us. We are busy watching some people’s Vlogs on YouTube 24 hours a day, playing Game of Thrones at night and watch the next movie coming out on a Friday. Not that we have to abandon entertainment from our lives, but we must set our limits. Try to share photos or videos of environmental organizations on your YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account to get attention to more important stuff!

Step 5: Volunteer for eco-organizations
Eco-organizations need a lot of support from all over the world! We cannot sit on the couch and watch things happening on its own. We have to be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem. There are many local organizations that you can be a member of and volunteer.Your family and friends will eventually be inspired by you and maybe they will volunteer, too.It must be somebody who steps in to do something good, the rest will surely come after you.

Step 6: Attend demonstrations against non-eco-friendly companies
Lately, BP wants to drill near the Amazon reef, risking a deadly oil spill! There was a demonstration against that ridiculous idea in London, near the HQ of BP. Attend these demonstrations in your country or city, too. The more people attend demonstrations, the higher the chances are to consider the request of the folk. And if there is no such demonstration, why not organize one? 

Step 7: Share your own work to inspire
Online or offline, doesn’t matter where you are: share your work doing something against (for example) climate change and inspire others.Talk about the issues in your conversations and let people think about their future, about their kids and the dangers that can happen if we continue ignoring them.

Unfortunately, I was unconscious of the dangers myself. I turned to be semi-vegetarian after seeing a lot videos where animals are tortured the worst way. After liking all the vegetarian-vegan pages, Facebook suggested me to like Eco-friendly pages, too. So, I did and then realized what is really happening in the world. I realized that the dangers they were part-time talking on TV was just a little problem compared to worldly political issues. But it was not. Political issues exist today, but are gone tomorrow. There are things that are more worthy of getting attention, because they are not gone tomorrow. They will exist forever. And WE, the humans are responsible for this chaos.

Step 8: Boycott companies endangering the earth
Big international companies like Coca Cola and Nestlé are using up way too much drinkable water which is one percent of all the water on the planet. BP and Total, as already mentioned, is drilling to find oil and risking a deadly oil spill. They are not the only businesses that endanger our future, but boycotting them is one of the things that you can do to help the planet.

I hope these steps are helpful for anybody who really considers her or his future and far more important: the future of the earth.  

Step 9: Read as much as you can about the environment

Nowadays, we have easily access to various researches that have been done on environmental issues. Most of the time, the researches are written in a complex way, demotivating people, who don’t have a background in science studies, to focus on something that they don’t fully understand. Luckily, there are various websites that give you very valuable information, while staying understandable to us all. On couponchief.com, the article ‘Cheap, Green Living Guide to Cheap Green Living‘, is one of these articles.

You can’t change the planet on your own, but you can take steps to reduce your environmental footprint, limit waste, and create a sustainable lifestyle

On their website, you can find a list of 41 ways you can live greener, without spending extra money.

The more you know and understand about the environment and the importance of living more conscious, the easier it gets to actually do it!

This article is written by Sena Erol. 

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