Wayne Rooney Helps Nujum Sports Hand Out ‘Ramadan Packs’ to Muslim Athletes

Wayne Rooney partnered up with Nujum Sports, a non-profit organisation that aims to provide support for Muslim athletes, in order to help distribute ‘Ramadan Packs’ to Derby County Football Club’s academy players.

These young players will be fasting for the entire month of April, while also continuing to train alongside their non-Muslim counterparts. In order to show them support throughout their religious duties, Nujum Sports organised for Derby County’s manager to present them with ‘Ramadan Packs’ consisting of dates, Zam Zam water (holy water), a prayer mat and perfume.

Ebadur Rahman, the CEO of the organisation, told MVSLIM about the importance of their work.

“By working with clubs, players, and support organisations we hope to build and contribute to a landscape where Muslim athletes can flourish and fulfil their potential,” he said.

Supplied to MVSLIM by Nujum Sports

Jameel Rasheed, Director of Communications also explained the importance of not just supporting Muslim athletes throughout Ramadan, but also taking the time to understand more about Islamic traditions.

Speaking to ECB about other similar projects, Rasheed said: “Ramadan is especially significant for Muslim athletes around the world while they ply their trade. Fasting for 15 hours a day is an initial struggle, but as you progress through the month it becomes part of you, it gives you strength and solitude, one of fasting’s main aims.”

He continued: “For athletes, whether professional or amateur, it has challenges beyond the regular due to its effects on daily physical exercise. Athletes need a constant intake of nutrients throughout the day, a challenge that in Ramadan is usually a personal undisclosed journey. As Muslim athletes in sports are on the increase, not only in their number but in the practice of their faith, clubs and sporting organisations have started looking into the needs of Muslim athletes in this critical period.”

“This Ramadan let us all include ourselves in these blessings by remembering the journeys that have helped us all come together, to be the best we can be as a community and country.”

Nujum Sports, which was originally founded in 2020, aims to bridge the gap between Muslim and non-Muslim athletes by raising awareness and partnering with sports federations in order to educate players all around the country.

Derby County Academy’s players weren’t the only ones to receive packages this Ramadan. Other recipients include Rayan Aït-Nouri, Yakou Meïté and Reda Khedra.

May Allah bless Nujum Sports for all their hard work.