Wardrobe Essentials to Look Effortlessly Chic Inside Your Comfort Zone

Standing in front of your wardrobe and thinking what to wear but actually not thinking because your brains just stopped functioning from looking to those incredibly bad combinations aka all the mess you’ve made. I remember many nights like this when I was in the first stage of my high school career. Trying to look your best but having not any clue that you might end up looking like a clown…presumably fancying yourself as a fashion icon. Yeah, been there done that.

But the last years of high school I somehow managed to not escape my comfort zone. I’m glad I didn’t, because I never was someone who could accessorize her outfits. Well, that being said, I also didn’t have much time to find a noteworthy outfit each day during the week. So I tried more simple and minimalistic clothing items that kept me inside my own comfort zone.

“The key to a good outfit is not money, but having no money”

Believe me guys; I thought about this one a lot. As a normal human being I can admit that I catch myself wanting things I cannot afford. For example those massively known Chloé Susan ankle boots, that definitely created some buzz in the fashion world. You know what I did? I bought the lookalikes from H&M and they were reduced too *happy dancing*. We can say that everyone has some of those not too expensive versatile pieces in their wardrobe. Those pieces you ‘have to’ have in your wardrobe are probably the ones I wear the most lately. The only reason most people keep buying them is that they go with every other item in your wardrobe, literally.

Enough said, these are my go-to pieces I can’t live without…

Unsurprisingly, the first item is the basic shirt. The only staple that I’ll keep buying because I wear it so much that it becomes more a rag than an actual ‘wearable’ piece of clothing. The thing with basic shirts is that everyone can wear them. The upcoming hijab fashion knows how to create a voguish look with a basic tee, for example. Surely your hijab doesn’t have to be an obstacle in expressing your style, why would it be? Every single person on this planet can wear a plain shirt and ROCK IT, right? Never forget: it’s not about what you wear, but how you wear it.

I can’t imagine a day without my loose fit trousers. I feel like I’m wearing my pajamas, but, outside. Believe me, the best feeling in the world. While looking really flattering and being very comfortable you can feel more confident without having made much of an effort.

Although it’s already spring and some people are getting into the summer spirit, 15 degrees still doesn’t mean it’s hot outside. So since it’s not instantly warm where I live, a long jacket is always good idea. I am a person who often feels cold, even when it’s hot outside. I know, this may sound a little bit odd but I can’t help it. My long jacket (which isn’t very thick) saves me most of the time from the cold. Thank god. And if you don’t like showing much skin, a long thin jacket is always a savior. Wear a simple top, boyfriend jeans underneath, and you’re ready to go.

Don’t forget the other seasons too! A long coat during the winter for instance, will make your outfit simple but still classy.

Written by Elif Car

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