Volunteers in Libya Have Been Restoring Old Qurans Throughout Ramadan

A group of volunteers in Libya have offered to repair old and damaged Qurans throughout the month of Ramadan.

The blessed month is a time when the sales of Qurans soar as Muslims dedicate their time to reading the word of God. But ever since prices dramatically increased in the area, and the state stopped printing new copies, people are now looking to alternative methods.

This is why one of the country’s most well-known restorers, Khaled al-Drebi, along with a handful of other artisans, have decided to collaborate on this extensive project in the hopes that they could help bring back to life multiple older versions of the Holy Book over a period of 4 weeks and they managed to do just that!

Credit: Unsplash

“The purchase of new Qurans traditionally increases before the month of Ramadan, but this has recently changed in Libya,” Drebi told AFP News. “The cost of buying [Qurans] has increased, and so the turnout for restoring old ones has gained unprecedented popularity.”

Over the past decade, the country has been experiencing conflict and turmoil which has led to these sudden influxes in prices. While a new Quran can cost approximately £15, ($20), the workshop only charges a few pounds to restore an old one which makes it the perfect alternative.

“There is a spiritual connection for some people,” Drebi said.

He added that many choose to save Qurans passed on from relatives: “Some say this Quran has the smell of my grandfather or parents,” so each one has sentimental value.

Though the operation takes a lot of time and effort, overall, he says it’s worth it.

May Allah bless them with endless rewards for their kindness.