Vandals Destroy Muslim Cemetery in Germany

Vandals in the city of Iserlohn in northwestern Germany have destroyed over 30 graves in a Muslim cemetery.

Nazi symbols, as well as other offensive words, were splattered across headstones using black spray paint, while others were smashed to pieces and left by the bodies of the deceased.

It was reported that the incident occurred last Friday or Saturday before the police were notified about it on Sunday. An investigation has opened and local authorities are appealing for anyone who witnessed the crime or anyone that has any further information to come forward.

Speaking of the hateful attack, the Turkish Foreign Ministry described the motivation behind it as “anti-Islamic.”

In a statement, they said that it was “a new indicator of the sick anti-Islamic mentality, which has recently been on the rise especially in Europe” and urged officials to find the perpetrators to make sure that they are “brought to justice and given the punishment they deserve.”

They also added that “necessary measures” should be taken to prevent such incidents from happening again.

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The attack comes at a time when anti-Muslim hate is on the rise in Germany. According to the Daily Sabah, over 900 Islamophobic attacks were recorded just in 2020. In June, we even saw right-wing protestors walking through the streets of Worms holding a banner that read “Multiculture kills, stop foreign infiltration,” if that gives you a better insight into just what the country is dealing with.

Former Chancellor, Angela Merkel urged Germans to not overlook the problem in the country adding that “regardless of their skin colour or faith”, everyone deserves to feel safe in the country. 

Written by Mvslim

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