Uniqlo collaborates with Muslim fashion designer Hana Tajima

Hana Tajima, a fashion blogger and designer from the UK has agreed to collaborate with Uniqlo for a new collection, Mashable reports. This collection will appeal mostly to Muslim women. The collection is all about modesty, but in a stylish way. It will be sold in Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.


It’s often seen that Muslim women wearing a hijab have trouble finding the perfect clothing items that match their own personal style. Most of the clothing you can find in stores isn’t suitable for them. They don’t want to be labeled as traditional Muslim women whose style lacks color, but feel free to wear anything they want, in condition of not showing much skin, obviously.


The key words of the collection are without a doubt colorful and easy wear, which is very obvious hence the fashion blogger is working with an extremely popular Japanese brand known for its colorful and comfortable clothing items. These qualities of the collection are very significant because it shows that you don’t have to be a fashionista to create nice combinations. For example, the colorful light crinkle cotton headscarves. Easy to put on and they consist of colors that are easy to match.


Another key word is layering. When most Muslim women are trying not to show any skin, their style ends up appearing layered which sometimes can be really tough. They don’t feel comfortable or are forced to wear an extra clothing piece which they don’t want to wear. This collection is all about layering. Well, at first glance it seems so but if you look more closely you’ll see single pieces that just ‘look’ layered each time.

Written by Elif Car

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