Turkey’s coffee culture – A challenge for the groom

Countries around the world have different coffee cultures. They have their own way of making and drinking coffee at different times of the day. And there is no doubt that Turkey has one of the most well known coffee cultures. When it comes to daily life, coffee plays  a significant role especially in a traditional pre-wedding ceremony.

When the groom’s parents visit the bride’s family to ask for the soon-to-be bride’s hand and blessings of her parents,the bride serves Turkish coffee to everyone with sugar but the groom.

The groom takes the coffee with salt and he has to drink that coffee without making any face.  If  the groom can down the whole cup of salty coffee, it means he has not only proven his manliness, but it shows that he’s ready to marry her.

Sounds pretty romantic, right?

During these romantic minutes, the groom’s family is also observing the bride’s service and coffee making skills. After the coffee drinking ceremony, both of the families compliment each other and put rings on the bride’s and the groom’s fingers . And let’s say they live happily ever after.

But how is it possible that they will live in pure happiness with the help of just one cup of coffee?

There are so many stories that have been telling us about where this tradition comes from.The most known one is a quote from the will of Osman Fevzi , who was a retired colonel in the Ottoman Empire.

According to passages of that retired colonel, everything has started by a mistake; during his pre-wedding ceremony , his bride to be didn’t realize that she was adding salt to his coffee instead of sugar. After tasting the ‘’salty coffee’’, Osman Fevzi didn’t even make a strange face and kept on drinking the salty coffee. Suddenly his future wife noticed her mistake from the other faces and that’s when she felt ashamed.

Instead of getting mad at his bride to be, he made up a whole story on how much he absolutely loved salty coffee. He held on to this story until the day he died.

However, Osman Fevzi does not let her apology or talk and cooks up a story about how much he loves salty coffee. Also, at the end of this story, he asks her if she would be okay with making salty coffee after their marriage. He told her that he would much rather drink salty coffee for the rest of his life than seeing his wife being ashamed.

One spoon of salt may not help you find best taste of coffee but sometimes it makes the coffee even sweeter than sugar because you know what they say :

‘’Coffee should be black as hell,

Strong as death…

And sweet as love…’’  -Turkish Proverb

This article is written by Nur Demir.

Written by Mvslim

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