Tony Blair apologises for the mistakes he made – so what?

This week, the former British Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair has partially conceded there is a link between the Iraq War and the rise of ISIS. But he didn’t apologise for the Iraq War. Why would he? That’s the least he could do to the People of Iraq and the surrounding region, where pain and suffering only continues to this day.

“I apologise for the fact that the intelligence we received was wrong. I also apologise for some of the mistakes in planning and, certainly, our mistake in our understanding of what would happen once you removed the regime.”

All of this is not enough. Tony Blair should be charged for War Crimes under the Geneva Convention. The war was illegal. There were no “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, but there was Oil and not the Olive type either.

Tony Blair, alongside George Bush, have done nothing to stop increasing Islamophobia in the UK and USA. They instead created the War on Terror, when in fact, they were creating the terror themselves. They’re basically like the producers of a rubbish Paranormal Activity, but where the fear is real, and it’s not so funny anymore. Syria, where the current UK Government has not ruled out air strikes in the near future, is proof that the lessons of war have not yet been learnt. War only creates more problems, more extremists and more suffering, and more terrible movies like “American Sniper”.

Tony Blair is speaking out now, in order to prepare himself for the Publication of “The Chilcot Inquiry”, which will evaluate the UK’s role in the Iraq war. The interviews started back in 2009, where Tony Blair and many important figures were interviewed about their role. The publication has been long awaited, but has yet to be published because of the difficulty of obtaining documents from the government and the right to respond to criticism in the report. The timetable for publishing the report is due shortly. The findings of the report are likely to portray Tony Blair in a negative light.

The newly elected Labour Party Leader, Jeremy Corbyn has said he will apologise for the Iraq War on behalf of the party after the report is published. Corbyn was one of the few MP’s who joined the Anti-Iraq War Rally in 2003, and voted against the wishes of his party for military action. Unsurprisingly, Blair recently called Corbyn’s politics “fantasy – just like Alice in Wonderland”. I think that Blair should watch more TV, I think Game of Thrones is much more of a fantasy to his liking, especially with all the war and all that.

The Iraq War seems like a long time ago, but even today, it still has a major impact on the way our society thinks. The demonization of young Muslim Men and the fear mongering of Muslims is almost daily in British Culture, but hey in Britain we have the word “Great” in our name, and we still eat fish and chips, so nothing we do is normal.

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