To beard or not to beard

There are many men with a magnificent beard, and then there are others who are struggling to get a full grown one. Through this guide, you’ll be taught how to make progress in letting it grow.

First of all, look in the mirror. If you’re like me, you’re probably staring at some stubble-growing wherever the heck it is. I call them spots of Hiroshima. Well, you shave it one day, let your hair grow in for a week, maybe two, then you still are stuck with it. There’s a solution for it, I call it a 3 steps to unlock the beard.


Your skin is based on the food you eat. Eat well, eat clean and eat regularly. Fall in love with vegetables and fruit. If you’re like me, who craves for meat and chicken, mix it with some salad and make it your favorite dish. Don’t even think about going to snack bars to get yourself a chicken durum with fries. Avoid that, go to the groceries and butcher instead to get a well budget purchase and cook it afterwards. Cook it yourself, that’s how your value of a man increases. You’ll know why and thank me later for that.

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It’s very important to keep your body in movement. Go to gym for example, not to build the biggest muscles but only to stay healthy and in good shape. Cardio or weightlifting sessions of an hour of two are just fine. It relieves all your stress and it also improves your brain cells, which can help you think better and keep up the focus during the day.


Last one is the most important one. LET IT GROW! I know you aren’t yet satisfied with what’s on your face yet, but don’t think about trimming it… Even with a pair of scissors, cutting it will actually reduce your growth. This is the most difficult step to follow for many men, even for me. Keep up the courage and you’ll harvest later. You will get your best gift, which is the cheapest and the finest essential to your wardrobe. THE BEARD!

Written by Sachin Adhikari

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Sachin Adhikari is 20 years old and studies SME Management. He has an interest in fashion and entrepreneurship.