Three Dutch Muslim women launch new clothing brand: Nesci

‘Fashionable does not necessarily mean revealing,’ it says in the Dutch newspaper Metro. It immediately caught my attention when I read the title above a picture of three Muslim women. The three women had opened their own line of clothes. Covered, yet still fashionable and accessible… finally! That’s what we’ve been waiting for a long time.

We try to live by our own approach and standards but you know the ‘struggles’ when you think you’ve found something long enough but afterwards you notice it’s either transparent, sleeveless or too expensive. Bummer! That’s the reason why Zineb (26) and Kaouther Youcef (20) and Enaam Ahmed Ali (22) began their own line of clothes. Or how they call it: ‘We live in a time where “the more revealing, the better” is key. We don’t want to walk around in a cropped top or a short dress. But that was still what we stumbled upon: a nice skirt, but too short. A cool dress with long sleeves, but with an open back. A long skirt, but transparent. And so we had to make use of multiple layers: a jacket over that dress and a pair of leggings underneath that skirt.’

I don’t necessarily think you need to be Muslim to understand that kind of frustration. Today’s trends simply push you towards revealing a little more of yourself. There are obviously other people who struggle with the same problem. Nesci, their line of clothing, wants to pay attention to that. They don’t want to make a big deal out of origin, culture or religion. ‘Yes, the clothes do focus on people with certain standards and values when it comes to clothing. But we don’t want to think stereotypically. It’s about all women, ambitious women who strive towards personal development and an own plan. We ourselves don’t feel different either. Not that it’s a bad thing for other brands to do so, but we want to offer something for everybody.’

Nesci wants to design comfortable clothing for everyone, curvy women included. This is what they display on their website: ‘Every woman is unique and has her own shape. With the fabrics and patterns that we use, we intend to serve every woman, in all her shapes, especially in the long run. We believe that your clothing should be like a compliment to yourself.’

On the 21th of May, Nesci launched in Amsterdam. The comments are quite positive and supportive. I’m sure this isn’t the last thing we’ll be hearing from these three women.





Written by Sumeyye Copoglu

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Sumeyye Copoglu is an artist with a big interest in psychology, culture and history. Besides that she wants to continue making art — having it been a huge part of her life — she wants to contribute to a healthy mind and soul by offering Art Therapy in the near future.