This Wedding Cake in the Shape of an Arab Bride Is Worth One Million Dollars!

Debbie Wingham is a celebrity cake artist with the talent to make outstanding cakes. One of her biggest projects so far is the million-dollar wedding cake in the shape of an Arab bride. For the cake she not only used 1000 eggs, 20 kg of Belgian chocolate and over a mile of cake fondant, but also five two-carat white diamonds, each worth $200.000. The cake is human-sized and over 6 feet tall!

This is not the first time Debbie created such expensive cakes. She created the world’s most expensive shoes, worth $15m, and a $75m birthday cake in the shape of a catwalk.


The $75 Million Birthday Cake – Without Any Birthday Candles!

Source: dailymail

This birthday cake tops every other creation of Debbie. It is loaded with diamonds. The cake was made for an Arab family in the United Arab Emirates. And the most important part, it seemed to be really tasty. Dabbie told CNBC that the cake consisted of “Madagascan vanilla bean with mascarpone cream and strawberry conserve,” and “triple Belgium chocolate with chocolate ganache and chocolate truffle cream”. Well, at least it tasted good, right?!

A The $15 Million Shoe (That You Can’t Wear)


Dabbie Wingham is not only a cake designer, but also a fashion designer. She is responsible for creating the most expensive pair of shoes. The cake-looking shoe debuted last year in Raffles Dubai. Would you wear this pair of shoes?