This Police Officer Showed Her Sexual Harasser that He Messed With the Wrong Woman

This woman showed that she is not the right person to mess with. We’re talking about Egyptian police officer Neshawi Mahmood. A short video showing the police officer aggressively arresting a sexual harasser has gone viral. The footage shows how she grabs him and pushes him away from the huge crowd that had already gathered around them outside the Metro Cinema in Central Cairo. As her team backs her up, we can see how she slaps him and even grabs an electrical weapon, but the footage isn’t really showing whether she just wanted to scare him or actually used it.

The reactions were divided. Some people were praising the police officer for dealing with the sexual harasser this way and others were saying that using violence and electroshocks wasn’t necessary in this case.

The footage was actually filmed on the Eid celebration where a special combat team was patrolling to control sexual harassers during the days of Eid. Especially because many women have reported to have been sexually harassed.

Was the officer being too violent or did he deserve that treatment? That’s up to you to decide. But let’s hope he has learned his lesson and won’t be harassing any women anymore.

Written by Mvslim

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