This Photographer Decided To Show Trump The Real Faces Of American Muslims

By creating a new series called ‘America 2.0’, photographer Mark Bennington decided to show the American Muslims in their truth, ignoring all the waves of Islamophobia in the media and ofcourse in Trump’s speeches about Muslims.
Mark Bennington decided to collect photos of young Muslim adults living in New York City. Each picture was accompanied by a short story. In his belief these youngsters are the core of future leaders of America. We should know their stories!
This series was shot between July and October, amidst one of the most tumultuous presidential elections. Bennington met many Muslim boys and girls from various classes and with different backgrounds. They discussed the subject of identity formation and their opinion of the last election cycle. Many young muslims shared their disappointment about Trump’s victory and the new situation America will be in. Others expressed their displeasure of both candidates in the election. They rather wanted Bernie Sanders to be the Democratic candidate instead of Hillary.
Not only did they discuss the politics in the United Stated of America, Bennington also asked them more casual questions about their daily lives. They talked about topics like school, friends, dating and music. Some of them even shared some inspirational quotes with us:
“When you are deprived of a chance to share your voice, you have to yell louder. And not just yell louder for yourself but for the several others who feel the same sentiments as you do,” Sadaf.

You can see all photos and stories here : America 2.0
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This article is written by Samar Badr

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