This photo series shows how inhumane Syrian refugees are treated

Saturday, August 29, the media-agency Reuters published a photo series on the inhumane treatment Syrian refugees receive on a daily basis while trying to cross Hungary through Serbia. The pictures show a Syrian family that fled the devastating war in Syria, crying for justice on the moment of their arrest by the Hongarian police. A short moment of relief and happiness after their small victory on the barbwire was abruptly changed into horror when they got noticed. “We just want to live, you dirty dogs!” the father shouted furiously at them, while he was being handcuffed violently. The face of his wife, daughter and mother were covered by tears of fear, knowing they wouldn’t be able to do anything about this.










Written by Mayada Srouji

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Mayada Srouji is a 23-year-old student Gender and Diversity at the UGent and has a bachelor in Arabic and Islamic Sciences, with a minor in political and social sciences. She is interested in women rights, philosophy, literature and history.