Want a Change in Lifestyle? Personal Trainer Zehra Inspires You to Cook Healthier and Be More Active!

We all enjoy following fitness and healthy lifestyle bloggers. Sometimes we can’t help but wish if one of their delicious-looking dishes is 100% halal. What is better than finding a Muslim blogger who does the same thing, or may even be better because all of her meals are halal-approved?

Zehra Allibhai, founder of the Fitnest and a Muslim healthy lifestyle blogger from Canada, has been posting about living a healthier life including a diet, being in shape, and managing work while being a mother and keeping her faith.

With almost 56K followers on Instagram and two children, Zehra is an inspiration to hijab-wearing Muslim women. Her videos, posts, and pictures motivate all women and mothers to start a nutritious, fit daily routine.

Long before this year’s Ramadan, Zehra’s blog and social platforms have inspired her followers how to keep such a nourishing, loving life evolving around family and staying fit. On her blog, she shares healthy, halal meals as well as how to stay fit working out both outside and indoors, and how to include your little ones during your daily activities.

During Ramadan, Zehra was kind enough to share a free healthy Ramadan guide. The guide includes the food you should focus on while fasting to keep you hydrated during the day and what kind of food you should stay away from. It also highlights some of her favorite recipes during the month for both iftaar and suhoor.

Not just that! She also shares her workout routine that keeps her fit but not exhausted at the same time. The guide explains the benefits of the holy month with nutritional facts, and the best times to work out. The guide concludes with how to stay fit even after Eid. If this Ramadan was not the changing point for much of our fitness, we can certainly study it to plan a healthier Ramadan next year.

Zehra, who was recognized as one of the top trainers and Fitness Managers at GoodLife Fitness, now runs various fitness classes in her community. She also does private group training and train clients one-on-one, both in person and online.

This article is written by Zahra Debbek. 

Written by Mvslim

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