The Weirdest Thing You’ll Read Today: A Zoo in Cairo Painted Stripes on a Donkey to Let It Pass Off As a Zebra

The Egyptian student, Mahmoud Sarhan visited Cairo’s International Garden in July. He posted a picture of an animal that is supposed to be a zebra. The photo quickly went viral on social media.

Mahmoud Sarhan was doubtful after reading the exhibits sign at the zoo when it said the animal in front of him is a zebra. The “stripes” on the animal were smudged and undefined. Experts agreed with the assumption that this could not be a zebra. In fact, it seemed more like a donkey painted with black stripes. The director of the Zoo, Mohamed Sultan denied all the accusations. However, it is clear for experts that the animal is something other than a zebra.


This is not the first time a zoo tries to exhibit something other than what’s on the sign. In 2013, the zoo in Henan province in China tried to exhibit a Tibetan mastiff dog as an African Lion. And in 2017, the zoo in Guangxi province exhibited inflatable plastic penguins. A travelling circus in Italy tried to convince its visitors that the Chow Chow dogs were Chinese bears.


These incidents are reason enough for us to be more critical the next time we visit a zoo. Tip: From now on make sure to take a second look at the animal in front of you!

Written by Mvslim

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