This Is One of The Most Highly Effective Habits of Successful People in All Fields

Everyone’s busy. We all have never ending to-do lists that fill up faster than we can cross off. Being busy might make you feel more productive, but it could be getting in the way of your most important project: YOU. If you’re not working on YOU, you’ll always be working on something for someone else.

Remember, no one really understands how you think and feel about everything, except for yourself. If you want to understand who you are on a deeper level, spend some time alone with a pen and paper.

Writing in a journal might sound old school but it’s still one the most highly effective habits of successful people in all fields.

There are no limits to writing. Journaling can help you develop a better connection with what’s really important to you. Use it to write down your ideas, feelings, desires, struggles or any thought that comes to mind. You might hear a lot of inspiring and motivating ideas throughout the day but they’re not really helping you if you can’t remember them when you need them. But, if you write them down, you’ll be able to revisit and memorize the ideas instead of having them come in one ear and out the other.

Through journaling, you can clear your mind of stressful worries and allow yourself to be creative on a deeper level of understanding. The pen and paper make it easier for you to step into third person and allow you to see how others view you. Being in that state can make you understand the habits and traits you need to improve and develop. Writing can also help you track your successes and failures, but more importantly, the lessons you learned from each experience.

Make sure you keep your journal private so you can be honest, open, and specific in everything you write down. You can’t feel embarrassed when you’re writing. Feel free to write what you would never publicly post or tell someone. Releasing your thoughts on paper can expose you to reality and lead you to become more accepting and confident in yourself.

Journaling sounds very simple, but it requires you to be very disciplined.

Step 1. The first step to starting is getting a journal or creating an online journal. The longer you wait, the less likely you’ll follow through with this idea, so start as soon possible.

Step 2. Making time to write is the hardest step. The idea of writing your own book might not sound easy, but if you dedicate a few minutes a day, you’ll have your own personal biography in no time.

Step 3. The last and most important step is to review what you write. If you’re coming up with million dollar ideas but never revisit them, then the entire process is a waste. Make sure to review what you’ve written and note the positive changes you’ve made along the way.

If you’ve never written, the best way to start is one word at a time. If you’re an active writer but want to take it to the next level, carry a journal with you everywhere you go and anytime you have an inspiring thought or a memorable experience, write it down so you can relive it whenever you want.

–Written by Ahmad Abuleil, Co-Producer and Host of the ConquerHub Podcast, evoking a message of empowerment to those who desire to overcome and conquer all struggles of life on their path to success.

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