This Is How To Submit a Story on

To submit a story, you need to create an account on the website. This can easily be done through your Facebook or Twitter account. Once you have an account, you can get started!

Creating an account

The yellow button in the right top corner of the website that says “Create”, will become your best friend. Once you click it, you can see all the different options for creating content on Mvslim. When you click on “Submit a story”, it pretty much points itself out.


Title and featured image

First of all, you need to enter a title. Make sure it’s an interesting title that already makes it clear what your story is about. After this, you need to add your first image. This will be used as your featured image on the website, so make sure it’s a clear image of great quality. After that, you can start writing. By clicking the plus sign on your left, you can add images or embed links from other websites. When adding an image, don’t forget to mention the credits! This can easily be done by clicking on the image after it appears in your editor.

General content guidelines

Here are some general content guidelines to keep in mind when contributing to Mvslim. 
  1. No strictly religious content
We don’t publish strictly religious content, meaning an article about “10 Things That Are Haram For You” or “The Life of The Prophet” won’t make it on Mvslim. We are no religious scholars and we don’t wish to profile ourselves as if we are.
  1. Accessible and attractive for a millennial audience
Content must be accessible for our audience, which is foremost a millennial group of ages between 16 and 35. This is something to keep in mind when sensing the tone and language of an article.
  1. No hate messages or discriminatory content
Of course we do not share or publish any content that contains messages of hate and discrimination, towards any group of people.
  1. No advertising 
Certain articles can easily be seen as advertised content. However, any article that can be perceived as promotional will be declined.

Extra features


While you’re writing, don’t forget to respect the content guidelines and a few style guidelines. Every story starts with an introduction, that is short and tells your reader something about what you want to reach with this story. In your text, be sure to use inter titles. We have extra features in our system that makes it easy for you to write something that also looks good online. To find this features, you just need to select a part of your text. Use “B” if you want to highlight something, “#” to insert links in words or sentences, “H2” for inter titles and the quotation marks if you want to quote someone and want this quote to stand out.

Don’t forget the tags!

When your story is written and extra content is inserted, you can select the right category in the right column and add tags. Tags can be any words that are related to the topic you’re writing about. After agreeing with the terms and conditions of Mvslim, you can submit your story for review. An editor will read your story and publish it on the website if it fits our content guidelines. You will get a notification when your article is published.

There, you are now officially a contributor of Mvslim!

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