This Is How Muslims Celebrate Eid al-Adha: Delicious Dishes From Around the World

With Eid al Adha, the second and biggest Islamic holiday around the corner, Muslims around the world are getting ready to celebrate this holy day with family and friends. Like any other holiday, food always plays an important role and especially during Eid al Adha, the “sacrifice feast”. Every country and culture has its traditional dishes and desserts to prepare for the occasion. Here are some incredible delicious dishes prepared from around the globe you should try out this year!


When we are talking about food and India, or South Asia in general, we definitely have to include Biryani. This simple, yet delicious dish is made of spiced rice, vegetables and mutton. It is not only served during Eid al Adha, but also during other celebrations like weddings. This dish is especially handy for those who have to feed an entire crew.


Malpua is an Indian dessert made out of a batter of flour, milk and cardamom. This pancake-looking dessert is fried until its crisp along the ends and then served with Rabri. Rabri is one of the main ingredients for many desserts. It’s made of milk, sugar, spices and nuts.

Malpua / Malpura / Malpuri


Tagine must be the Moroccan Eid al Adha dish you should try! Vegetables and meat, chicken or fish are slow-cooked in a triangular-shaped cooking pot, which is called the tagine. Yes, the dish is called after cooking pot!

Beef and pear tagine

To finish your day with a Moroccan dessert, you can try Mhancha. This traditional pastry is filled with almonds and perfumed with orange-blossom water.



Turkish cuisine has much more to offer then just kebab and baklava, probably the best-known dishes from this country. This year you should try Sac Kavurma and Revani out!

Sac Kavurma is cooked lamb or beef in a very thin iron plate. Nothing big or spectacular added to it, the flavor of the meat is the highlight.

Turkish 'Sac Kavurma'

Revani on the other hand, is much more difficult to make. This dessert has been very popular since the Ottoman Empire.Revani is a semolina cake steeped in syrup. Really sweet and extremely delicious.



Because Eid al Adha is all about meat, which is why all the dishes mentioned here contain meat, this Indonesian dish is also made with meat. Beef Rendang is a must dish on your Indonesian Eid table. The perfectly flavored and tender meat is slow cooked with a spice paste made of ginger, lemon grass, shallots.


As for dessert Nastar is a very typical holiday cookie made of colored dough with a sweet pineapple paste enclosed in it.



Eid al Adha is not complete without Maamoul. These sweet cookies are not only made in Lebanon, but in Jordan, Palestine, and Syria too. These crumbly and buttery cookies made with rose water are filled with dates, walnuts or pistachios.


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