This Hollywood Super Star Helps Fund Anti-Muslim Registry Campaign

Let us not give away who this Pro American Muslim super famous star is just yet. And let us unravel what this buzz is about.

For those who have heard the news already, keep the spoiler to yourself. For the rest, a big surprise is waiting for you.

The Japanese-American Incarceration

If you’re an American citizen, you have probably heard that about over 127,000 American citizens were imprisoned during WWII in an internment camp for a ridiculous ‘crime’.

They were being incarcerated solely one reason: being Japanese.  Many Americans feared that the Japanese were spying for the Japanese government, even though some of them have never even set foot in Japan.

Now, what does this have to do with the rumor of a Muslim Registry suggested by the team of President-Elect Donald Trump? Well, it seems that being Muslim-American in the present day is parallel to being Japanese-American in 1942, if this plan ever takes off.  

Relevance to Muslim Registry

In this Public Service Announcement, director and co-director, Aya Tanimura and Tim Nackashi aim to spread awareness to Americans and the wider public to not let history repeat itself with a theme of #DontNormalizeHate.

This video features Haru Kuromiya, an 89-year-old survivor of Japanese Internment Camp in Manzanar, California. She shares her real life experience of what went down on one of the darkest days in America.

It was a tough time for the interns as they were forced to live in inhumane surroundings right in their own backyard. Haru says, “It all started with fear and rumors. Then it ballooned into the registration of Japanese-Americans, and then labeling with physical tags and eventually internment.”

Physical tags sound familiar? You may have come across it in an article surrounding the suggestion of Trump advisor, Rudy Giuliani. Haru recalls that her entire family was put on the registry and their constitutional rights were taken away from them.

A Twist to History

111Halfway through, this video reveals a twist and its relevancy to the plans that the Donald Trump team has for the modern day American Muslims. It reveals Muslim Pakistani actress, Hina Khan, masking herself with a custom prosthetics make-up prepared by Oscar-Nominated special effects expert, Tony Gardner.

Casting a Muslim actress behind the make-up was a non-negotiable term that Tanimura had set for realizing the video. The noble intention behind this PSA is to advocate Americans and the citizens of the world about the possibility of a recurring history of a Muslim Registry is to be put into action.

This video may be short, but the production behind it is very costly. With special effects prosthetics, Tanimura and his team needed fund to cover the expenses. This is when the California girl gave them a blank check hence showing them precisely the support they needed. Tanimura said to LA Times that the Twitter’s most followed person has always supported the minorities and underdog and she has been actively involved in the political environment of last election cycles.

“I think like a lot of us who are terrified of Trump’s ideas and policies, she is too,” Tanimura added. Tanimura believes that with this video, the starlet can share and educate her fans on the terror of the past and the potential of the history to be repeating itself.

Guessed it yet?


Have you any clue of who this inspiring person is? She is the epitome of beauty with a blessed heart, a supporter of human rights, the one and only Katy Perry. Tanimura has recognized Perry as the executive producer for this PSA and it has been receiving a lot of love from netizens. The starlet has shared this PSA to her 95.4 million followers and received 3.6 thousand retweets and 8.9 thousand love from her fans. To Katy Perry; kudos for utilizing your influencer status in empowering others to stay vigilant. Let’s allow #DontNormalizeHate and break the internet.


This article was written by Nur Zalikha Razali

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