This Company Gives Refugees The Opportunity To Earn Money By Cooking Meals

Who said refugees are fortune-hunters and that they’re not willing to work? Lately, the same people have stepped up and started to work for themselves using the local service called Mumm, giving them a chance to get back on their feet. Waleed Abdelrahman is the CEO of the Egyptian homecooking startup Mumm and teamed with the nonprofit Fard to get Syrian, Iraqi and Sudanese fugitives into the food business.

“We do this work because we believe that every company in the private sector has a social responsibility,” Abdelrahman says.

The refugees offer their homemade meals through the website of Mumm, which they then pick up and have delivered. The meals offered come from various cuisines and are freshly made by people who have lost everything in their home country.

“As a Syrian woman who’s been married for around 23 years: of course I know how to cook!” Iman Omanein says with a smile. For her, it will be a way to support her family in these tough times.

Mumm is not only an opportunity for refugees, as for some Egyptian women it is a way to earn a living. Jala Riad is a young woman trying to earn her diploma. “It’s difficult for me to work, study and attend classes at the university,” she says, “It’s much easier to wake up every morning and cook something different.”

It is great to see that immigrants are making the best out of their situation, trying to take care of their families and not solely depending on foreign help. This initiative is a major opportunity for a large part of the refugees which is more than welcome in the West

Written by Ermin Crljenković

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