This building will be a church, a mosque and a synagogue under one roof

Imagine a place where Christians, Muslims and Jews can come together to pray. This is not the start of a utopic story but an actual plan in progress. A building that was once a church which was destroyed in the Second World War is being transformed into what they want to call ‘The house of One’.  

The house of One

The main goal of this project is to bring people together regardless of their religion, says the theological speaker for the House of One. Besides having three separate praying rooms they also want to have a table in the former parking lot where people can come together, have a conversation, share a meal and just sit with each other.

To enforce the idea of uniting people they want to have one entrance where the different believers have to walk through to get to their praying room. This way Christians, Jews and Muslims can meet each other as they walk to the common room before heading to the separate spaces.

Since this is still a project in progress the minister along with an imam and a rabbi have launched a competition to decide how the building will be designed. The idea is to have one common room where the different believers enter together, with three different doors of the same height that lead to the praying rooms of the different religions.  


To be able to finance this big project they will need a sum of €43 million, but it has already been a year and they have only collected €1 million. That’s why they hope this project will reach people all over the world, so they can get inspired to help build this peaceful project.

“The House of One is not about changing the way you believe, it’s about opening your eyes, looking around and seeing what other people with other religions are doing and letting this enrich your life and your faith”, says the theological speaker.

Written by Mvslim

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