“They See My Disability, I See My Ability” – Pakistan’s Iron Lady Explains How We’re All Imperfectly Perfect

Muniba Mazari is a Pakistani woman who is paralyzed and sits in a wheelchair as a result of a car accident at the age of 21. After the accident she became Pakistan’s first wheelchair model and also the National Ambassador for UN Women Pakistan. She’s an example of a strong independent woman, despite the fact that she depends on her wheelchair.

In 2017, Mazari held a speech at the VCon of Malaysia, where she told her remarkable story. Vulnerability connects people and that is exactly what Muniba Mazari does. We live in a world that seems to be perfect, but the fact is that we all are imperfectly perfect. We have to accept our shortcomings to be happy in life. Muniba quotes in her speech: “Our problems are not too big. But we are too small because we can’t handle them.”

Real happiness comes from within

Her words are so powerful and have such a great value. They can make, break or heal your soul. We live in a world full of fear, hate and envy. We are constantly striving for a seemingly perfect world. Muniba teaches us that real happiness doesn’t lie in success, money, fame or a perfect body. Happiness lies within yourself and in gratitude. Gratitude for every small thing you have in life, but that we often take for granted.

While Muniba was 2 years bedridden, she wanted to add some colors in her life. She literally add those colors in her painting while bedridden.
We often think we can not handle our problem so we give up quickly, but for me, “Giving up is not an option. Failure is an option, you fail and you get back up.”

This article was written by Soehaila Soe

Written by Mvslim

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