These Female Pilots made History on International Women’s Day

On International Women’s day, March 8th, Emirates Airlines had two women pilot the largest commercial aircraft in the world: the Airbus A380. The Egyptian captain of the flight, Nevin Darwish, officially became the first Arab Woman to have captained the A380. Not only Darwish made history, but her co-pilot did as well. Alia Al-Muhairi, the first Officer, is currently the youngest Emirati A380 female pilot. They flew from Dubai to Vienna and back.

Because of the fact that these women made history that day, Emirates Airlines decided to upload a video of them on YouTube while commanding the flight on the aircraft.

In the video Al-Muhairi says: “Darwish is a wonderful role model and an inspiration to all young pilots around the world. With such a great attitude and such a great perspective on things. To see her come every day to work, with the same motivation like it was her first flight.”

Darwish compliments her co-pilot by saying: “It was a pleasure flying with Alia, she has a positive and dedicated attitude. She knows her job very well. It makes me proud and excited to see Alia as an example of what a generation of female pilots can achieve.”

Check out the full video below:

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