These Amazing Youngsters in Pakistan are Making a Difference by Starting a School for Homeless Kids

Around 3.3 million kids under the age of 14 are currently working to sustain themselves. They often look after their families which leaves them with no time and money to go to school. Currently 47% of Karachi’s youth has no access to education.

15 year old Shireen and her brother Hasan started a street school in Karachi, Pakistan. It was an initiative to educate the city’s poor and homeless youth. It enables many kids to fulfil their dream to get educated and become successful.

25 street children who sell flowers and tissue papers or beg at traffic signals on the streets of Defence Housing Authority, come to this street school. It has a simple set up with tables and chares near a cafe. The siblings spend two hours teaching them basics from the alphabet to counting numbers. It is a dream come true for those unfortunate kids.

According to an interview given to a Pakistani newspaper, Shireen was disheartened to see a small girl begging at the traffic signal, at that time she was in 7th grade. She discussed this with her brother who was very passionate about helping the needy and said that he always wanted spread awareness and work for education.

One of the girls who come to their school is Pashmina, she is suffering from polio but this has not deterred her willpower to get educated. Her mother works as a maid in the nearby colonies.

Seeing the efforts of the young duo people started to help them by providing juice and lunch boxes and Rs. 50 to the children.

After their success they opened two more schools and hired 4 teachers paying them between Rs. 10,000-15000. A van service has also been arranged for the children coming from far off areas.

These youngsters have set an example for all of us as you don’t need a big investment or a right time to make this world a better and happy place for everyone.

This article is written by Haya Wakil. 

Written by Mvslim

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