These Amazing Muslim Female Athletes Are Cycling to Break Stereotypes

One of Iowa’s most famous events is no doubt the RAGBRAI, or the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, which is also the oldest bicycle touring event in the world. It’s a seven-day long event in which everyone across the world can participate.

For its 43th annual Shirzanan Global Edition agreed to take part in this huge event. Shirzanan Global is a non-profit organization known for promoting Muslim women’s participation in any sport possible. Its most important goal is to break stereotypes and barriers that make it impossible for many Muslim women to practice sports.

The group consists of Muslim female members, of which nine athletes already have accomplished a lot in sports in their own countries, where women in general aren’t expected to practice any kind of sport. Raha Moharrak for example, the first Saudi woman climbing the Mount Everest. But also an Afghani soccer player, a Pakistani swimmer, and an Iranian surfer and snowboarder and a Pakistani-American Olympic weightlifter and so many others.

Photo: Deni Bechard
Photo: Deni Bechard

The co-founder of Shirzanan Global Edition, Mara Gubuan, told Religion News during this event that what they’re trying to portray these Muslim female athletes as role models to the younger generation who may not be aware that these young women actually exist and have ascended to the highest level of sports. The members of Shirzanan want them to know that it’s not impossible.

They not only inspire other Muslim women but also other cyclists to conquer any barriers that’ll stand in their way when following your dreams.

Written by Elif Car

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