The Ultimate Modest Fashion Week is Coming To The Sparkling City Dubai

Dubai is known for its largest, tallest, biggest; so why not organizing a large, a tall and a big Modest Fashion Week over there? Previously, we enjoyed the London and Istanbul Modest Fashion Week, and after these two successes, Modest Fashion Week is coming to the sparkling and dazzling city: Dubai. This great event will be held on December 8th & 9th, 2017 in one of the highest-traffic and prestigious venue, the Burj Park – Downtown Dubai.

Hijabi supermodel Halima Aden, influencer Nabiilabee, UK model Mariah Idrissi, Habiba da Silva and several world-class designers, fashion influencers and associations will fly to Dubai for this impressive show.

Dubai Modest Fashion Week is organized by Think Fashion, a company focused on Modest Fashion, and Red Connect, one of the biggest names in creative media and events production in the region. The collaboration aim to bring the ground-breaking modest fashion event to Dubai, as the new hub of modest fashion.

Franka Soeria and Özlem Şahin, the founders of Think Fashion, have a unique travelling concept; moving from one country to another to reach the communities of modest fashion around the world.

The essence of Modest Fashion Week event series is the global participation with participants from 5 continents and being trendsetter in modest fashion industry. Dubai Modest Fashion Week will be the event of the year under the sparkling Burj Khalifa. All the participants will celebrate the beauty of modest fashion and its diversity. DMFW will bring lots of business opportunities in global modest fashion scene – Özlem Şahin

Moreover, the term Modest Fashion has become known by the famous Modest Fashion Weeks. The trending event started its journey in May 2016 under the name of Istanbul Modest Fashion Week, which was closely followed by London Modest Fashion Week in April 2017. Visitors from 30 countries, among them world-class designers, brands, fashion influencers, professionals, retailers and fashion associations, attended the event. Supermodel Halima Aden and Dina Tokio, the modest fashion phenomenon, were one of the special guests.

Franka Soeria said, “Modest Fashion has its own talents, stars, market and capital cities- this is the reason why we create Modest Fashion Week, to show the authentic modest fashion industry with the best possible way. After Istanbul and London, we consider Dubai as one of the most important cities for modest fashion especially in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) area. This event is all about empowerment and collaboration- all in the name of Modest Fashion”.

This event is sponsored by, Emaar Properties, Wardah Beauty, Doris Dorothea, College of Fashion Design Dubai, Dubai Islamic Economy Development Centre (DIEDC) and Thomson Reuters.

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