Great Britain is Organizing a “Visit My Mosque Day” – And It’s a Great Initiative

Let’s face it. Muslims do not have a good reputation in the media nowadays. When we read the papers or listen to speeches, Islam is often portrayed in a negative light. Muslims are largely assumed to be potential terrorists. What is worse is that politicians with harsh views on minorities such as Donald Trump are normalizing bigotry.

Segregating people is easy. There’s ‘us’ and ‘them’. People who belong and people who don’t fit in. Those whom we trust and those whom we fear. Faces we can trust and those we fear and avoid.

The Muslim Council of Britain aspires to change this. They want to connect communities to build trust and understanding. On 5th February, 150 mosques across Britain will welcome everyone for Visit My Mosque Day. You can search for their nearest participating mosque at

This is the perfect opportunity to find out more about your Muslim neighbors. Look forward to warm hugs, tea and biscuits. Listen to stories about their community efforts – from supporting food banks and assisting the economically vulnerable, to providing free meals for the homeless and caring for the elderly and sick. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want about Muslims and Islam.

Last year, hundreds of comments were left by visitors on social media and at #VisitMyMosque. They included:

“Diane and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Warrington Islamic Society and Mosque,” Emily Goodler

“Such an interesting visit to Edinburgh Central Mosque today – thanks to all for such a warm welcome (and scrum my food),” Isla Jack

“Good to see the Surrey Police & Crime Commissioner and many residents inc. those from other faiths supporting #VisitMyMosque in Camberley,” Rodney Bates.

At the end of the day, maybe you will ask yourself, “Are we really that different?”

Written by Alia Abdullah

Alia Abdullah

Alia Abdullah graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from Singapore Management University. She writes at The most popular section of the blog is ‘Ordinarily Extraordinary’ where she interviews seemingly ordinary people who are extraordinary in their own special way. Through her blog, she aims to inspire others to dream, to learn and to take action.

  • Hope

    That s really good ! I recently talked with an English lady on facebook , who hates Muslims n thought that to be Muslim is to be a terrorist n a person who kills non Muslim by the name of allah,,she was publishing a YouTube which giving completely false principles of Islam ,an adulterer should be stoned to death , a thief should have lambs cut off ,,,,eta , n i tried to tell her all chapters of qoran in which allah forbids to kill without reason ,n not any adulterer should be stoned to death but only married ones n i explained why by giving names of chapters , n not any thief should have a lamb cut off , n i gave her the chapter mentioning this ,,,Islam in fact is peace ,purity , Islam should be known personally n by reading qoran not by hearing false informations on it it was a long debate n at the end she stopped ,,,,,,,,,,what tarnish the reputation of Islam is indeed non Muslim media