The Night Lamp That Teaches Children And Cats Qur’an

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For many parents, a common phrase they hear as they tiptoe quietly out of the room is “turn on the light.” Frustrated and equally surprised that their kids still haven’t fallen asleep, many mothers find themselves assuring their kids that the dark is nothing to be afraid of or repeating the same story for the third time. Though these moments can be cherished, there is now a heart-melting solution making waves across social media that is turning the “lights out” nightmare into a delightful dream. 

With more than 1,000,000, views and thousands of shares bedtime routines are not only more enjoyable for children and parents alike, but beneficial too!

How? A question on every parent’s mind is how to motivate a child to learn the Quran free from any yelling, screaming, threatening or crying so that they can build a priceless and loving connection with it.

The good news is that it is definitely possible and can even be done at night during those difficult and often terrifying hours as you begin to embark on the journey to tuck your children into bed. In fact, they may even race to bed after the introduction of this special product…

Quran speaker review
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It’s no secret that children need to be taught things with love. The Quran Moon Lamp above not only brings the beauty of the night sky into your child’s bedroom but with multiple Islamic audios already installed – important for the blue light screen wary parents – your worries will melt away as there will be no need to tiptoe out of the room anymore. 

The lamp includes the full Quran with 18 world-renowned reciters to choose from, countless hadith, nasheeds, ruqya and duas. 

Most children hate the dark and these beautiful lamps divert their attention to a source of comfort. Play the Quran or their favourite bedtime stories (possible via the Bluetooth feature) and with an 8-hour battery life, it can run for the whole night if needs be! Soon, you may find, like Basma did, that your child will have memorised many surahs and even begin to develop a tone for themselves!

Quran speaker review
Credit: @Basma_k

Parents now rest comfortably with the knowledge that the Quran speaker will help to alleviate their children’s night time fears about the monster under the bed as well as help to build a loving relationship with their Creator. 

Quran speaker review
Credit: @mxrixha

If you’re wondering where you can find one of these special lamps, there are a few stores you can visit. We found Andalus who sell the original lamps with a 1-year warranty on their entire product range and a wide variety of verified reviews.

The lamps come in many sizes, with some perched on a wooden stand, and others offering a projection feature that allows you to look up and see the stars glittering across the midnight sky. However, despite the differences in aesthetics, the one thing that remains a constant among all the designs on offer is the comforting, graceful glow they emit and the ability to experience a soothing freedom away from the stress and never-ending hustle of this world!

Don’t forget, it’s not just for kids – we’ve got one too! And according to reviews, elderly parents enjoy listening to the translations and tafsir, and some sisters found it helps with insomnia. It can actually make a difference to entire families!

We’ve rounded up our top 3 Qur’an gift picks for you below. You can trust our independent round-ups as this was not a paid review and we don’t earn commission on any of the recommendations.

The Quran Projector Lamp (9/10)

The Quran Projector Lamp is a fun colour changing speaking surprise that has 4 interchangeable transparent films to project drifting galaxies, animals, Eid Mubarak and floral patterns around your room.

You can turn what used to be a simple bedtime story into an exciting adventure for kids to enjoy!

Quran projection lamp
Credit: @andalusuk

The Quran Moon lamp (8/10)

The Quran immerses you in a calming conversation that fills you with hope, peace and joy. A sweetness that can only be tasted once heard. And a joy that can only be felt once listened to. 

It’s why the Quran has been described as a cure, guidance and a gateway to a new world! The Quran Moon lamp Speaker is a meticulously-crafted beauty designed using high-quality NASA satellite images. Each crater is modelled on the real moon and shines just as magnificent!

You can even gift that special someone a thoughtful present they’ll never forget. It’s enough to transform even the dullest of nights into an evening of magic. From a bedtime reading lamp to a Bluetooth speaker, it’s perfect for every occasion!

Quran moonlamp
Credit: @andalusuk

The Quran Galaxy Lamp (8/10)

Surround yourself with stardust, the Quran Galaxy lamp is beautifully crafted and feels like it’s fallen straight from the stars! Control the cosmos at a click of a button. Then experience the magic of The Milky Way as you drift off into a blissful sleep.

Quran galaxy and star lamp
Credit: @andalusuk

We hope you found these recommendations helpful and that with these lamps you and your family have many cherished memories that you’ll share together. If you’d like to learn more, visit Andalus Stores or contact them directly here if you have any questions regarding any of the products!

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