Introducing the new Mvslim – join us in changing the narrative

It’s finally here, our new website!

For more than one year now, Mvslim produces content and creates a positive spiral for an online community of millions. We developed a platform that our community can relate to, provided role models and active storytelling to engage people to be involved in today’s society on an international scale. We answered a need for millions of visitors and followers worldwide and our community has grown rapidly, reflecting the values we stand for: youth, innovation and diversity.

With our new website, we choose to engage our audience on another level, actively inviting others to be part of Mvslim and co-create with us.


Our goal is to change the narrative – join us

We’ve always had the ambition to change the narrative in an innovative way, by bringing stories that otherwise remain untold. We believe this is how we can contribute to change in our society. Now, everyone can join us in our mission.

With our new website, we invite our community to create a profile and submit content to Why was this necessary? Let us explain.


From 2 founders to more than 500 team members

When we, Taha Riani and Hanan Challouki, started, we knew we were creating something that was worth uniting people around. What we didn’t know, is how fast this would go. Everyone was excited, ready to join our team and contribute in every way possible. And before we knew it, there we were: managing a local editorial team of 30 people and an international team of more than 500 contributors. To simplify our own daily process and to interact more with our amazing community, we created a system where everyone has the chance to be a part of Mvslim.

New features, new opportunities


Through our new front end submission system, users can not only create content for the website, but also interact with each other. With a profile on the website, users can submit stories, create open lists with others users and stay up to date about new content they’re interested in. For us, it’s a great opportunity to find out what our community wants and to keep interacting with them. They can vote on articles, rate each other’s comments and be involved in our “making of”-process every day.


Of course, we’ll still have editors who will monitor this system and everything will be reviewed before it’s published, so that people who want to use our new system to spread hateful messages or discriminatory content can easily be stopped. Our content guidelines are very clear and now, everyone can access them.

Financial means – Yes, we need them too

One of the reasons why creating this system was necessary for us, was because of our limited financial means. So far, Mvslim has been funded by ourselves, but with a time-consuming editorial process, this cost is increasing. Simplifying our process was the first step to makes this easier for us. Secondly, we can now invest our time in developing an advertising system that fits our values.


Mvslim is the perfect partner for brands and organizations who want to associate themselves with a unique online brand that is as ambitious and inspirational as its audience. We create stories for our audience and for brands, so that both can fit the narrative we fully support. Because we do need financial means to develop Mvslim to something greater and to create an even bigger impact, but this need can not lead to a contradiction with our values. For us, advertising is not just about a financial transaction, it’s a partnership that leads to an added value for all parties.

Ready for 2017

With that said, we are ready to enter 2017 with our new website, our engaged audience and exciting partnerships to look forward to. We hope you enjoy all our new features and most of all – make use of it, to be part of Mvslim. That’s why it was created in the first place.

Written by Taha Riani

Founder of - Managing Partner at | The most important message I want to share, is the awareness of and the need to anticipate our society and the way it’s changing. We are living in a hyper diverse and digital era; something most organizations are aware of, but haven’t figured out how to respond to it. My mission is to design these in our current society and anticipate the future.